2006-10-14 Roland RosenfeldAdd LSB compliance to init.d script (INIT INFO and...
2006-10-12 Fabian KeilAdded Dean Gaudet, Derek Jennings, Raphael Moll,
2006-10-11 Fabian KeilChanged img-reorder regex to only move width
2006-10-11 Fabian KeilAdded Anduin Withers' js-annoyances fix
2006-10-11 hal9Apply patch from Neil McCalden to fix syntax issue.
2006-10-09 Roland RosenfeldRedirect p.p/user-manual (without trailing slash) to
2006-10-09 Fabian KeilChanged the path in set-image-blocker's redirection...
2006-10-08 Fabian KeilModified webbugs filter to create a comment around...
2006-10-07 hal9Partial results from attempting to check MASTER referen...
2006-10-06 Fabian KeilAdded header filter x-httpd-php-to-html
2006-10-06 Fabian KeilBumped copyright year.
2006-10-06 Fabian KeilTaught img-reorder not to break img tags
2006-10-05 Fabian KeilReplaced "<" in img-reorder's description with "&lt;".
2006-10-04 Fabian KeilAdded Frédéric Crozat (reported filter related problems).
2006-10-04 Fabian KeilIncorportated Frédéric Crozat's ie-exploits
2006-10-04 Fabian KeilJavaScript fix for bug report #1570678.
2006-10-04 Fabian KeilChanged block pattern from "*(\.swf|[0...
2006-10-04 Fabian KeilValidation fix.
2006-10-04 hal9Carry over refinements to allow-popups and fragile...
2006-10-03 hal9Allow compression if filtering is off for fragile alias...
2006-10-03 Fabian KeilAdded links from the Tor faq to the
2006-10-03 hal9More references to the new filters. Include html this...
2006-10-03 hal9More updates primarily for the six new filters.
2006-10-02 hal9Contains new filter definitions from Fabian, and few...
2006-10-02 Fabian KeilThe special header "X-Filter: No" now disables
2006-10-02 Fabian KeilAdjusted yahoo filter to hide .yschspns as well.
2006-10-02 hal9Updating, include new filters.
2006-10-02 hal9Double oops, filtering was off completely for fragile.
2006-10-02 hal9Oops, fixing a redundancy.
2006-10-02 hal9Set allow-popups and fragile aliases to really allow...
2006-10-01 Fabian KeilNew site-specific filters: google, yahoo, msn and blogspot.
2006-09-29 hal9This includes a "Requires >= v3.0.4" statement, as...
2006-09-28 hal9Add note about 3.0.5 -> 3.0.6.
2006-09-26 hal9Including Karsten's patch to fix make create-snapshot.
2006-09-26 Fabian KeilSpelling fix.
2006-09-26 hal9Fix broken link per bug tracker.
2006-09-24 hal9Fix typo.
2006-09-24 hal9Add changes for user-manual directive by nfopd submitte...
2006-09-23 David SchmidtBump a couple of straggling version numbers to 3.0.5. v_3_0_5
2006-09-23 Fabian KeilAdded myself as packager for FreeBSD.
2006-09-23 Fabian KeilMoved Ulrich Drepper into the based-on section,
2006-09-23 Roland RosenfeldReplaces TABs by spaces in C source.
2006-09-23 Roland RosenfeldReplace TABs by spaces in source code.
2006-09-23 Roland RosenfeldAdded up to 10 retries to DNS resolver getaddrinfo...
2006-09-23 Fabian KeilDisable fast-redirects for and config...
2006-09-23 Roland RosenfeldAdapt to CVS version as of 2006-09-23.
2006-09-23 Fabian KeilDon't print a log message every time filter_headers is
2006-09-22 hal9Catchup with recent corrections (minor).
2006-09-22 Fabian KeilMinor modifications like s/TOR/Tor/.
2006-09-22 hal9Turn off unsolicited popups and js-annoyances in the...
2006-09-22 hal9Change references to 3.0.4 to 3.0.5 and minor adjustments.
2006-09-22 hal9More prep for 3.0.5 release.
2006-09-22 hal9PDF docs for 3.0.5.
2006-09-22 hal9Text docs for 3.0.5.
2006-09-22 hal9Freshly built HTML docs for 3.0.5 beta.
2006-09-22 hal9Final commit of probably various minor changes here...
2006-09-22 hal9Set version to 3.0.5 BETA for hopefully release this...
2006-09-22 hal9Fix user.filter installation and CVS files cruft per...
2006-09-21 Fabian KeilFix +hide-if-modified-since{-n}.
2006-09-21 Fabian KeilUse CGI_PREFIX to check the referrer.
2006-09-21 Fabian KeilAdjusted headers for Privoxy's cgi responses:
2006-09-21 Fabian KeilFix +redirect{}. Didn't work with -fast-redirects.
2006-09-20 hal9Bump versions to 3.0.5
2006-09-20 hal9Updates for 3.0.5 BETA release.
2006-09-20 Fabian KeilDoubled size of HOSTENT_BUFFER_SIZE to mask
2006-09-20 hal9Change adventuresome to advanced.
2006-09-20 hal9Increase trusted referrer limit.
2006-09-20 David SchmidtJust the tiniest tweak. Wafer thin!
2006-09-20 David SchmidtClean up a variable type declaration which just
2006-09-20 hal9Make default setting "Cautious". This is very conservat...
2006-09-20 hal9Note filtering now for xml and default.action updates.
2006-09-20 hal9Add Jindrich Makovicka.
2006-09-20 hal9Add Ian Cummings, oversight fixed in AUTHORS.
2006-09-19 hal9Yet another attempt to get the credits right.
2006-09-17 hal9Reviszed AUTHORS list for 3.0.4. Comments welcomed.
2006-09-17 hal9This includes various updates from SF actionsfile track...
2006-09-17 hal9This includes yet several more new FAQs, some improved...
2006-09-17 Roland RosenfeldAdapt to CVS version as of 2006-09-17 (incl. new IPv6...
2006-09-16 hal9Add some hyperlinks to reference key terminology.
2006-09-14 hal9Fix ijbswa cvs links. Update notes on release process...
2006-09-13 hal9Make sure install forces in new default.action, default...
2006-09-12 hal9Incremental update with many new ad/banner generators...
2006-09-10 Roland Rosenfeldadapt to new CVS updates.
2006-09-10 hal9Spell check.
2006-09-10 hal9Remove reference to per Debian bug repor...
2006-09-10 hal9Results of spell check. User manual has some updates...
2006-09-10 hal9Fix typo + minor change.
2006-09-10 hal9Migrate several fixes per various Debian bug reports...
2006-09-10 hal9Change mailing address for per Debian bug report.
2006-09-10 hal9Fix typo in popup filter per Debian bug report.
2006-09-10 Roland Rosenfeld * 05_default_action.dpatch: disable filter ie-eploits...
2006-09-09 hal9Turn off all filtering in "cautious", and disable js...
2006-09-09 hal9Add style to <application> tags.
2006-09-09 Roland Rosenfeldstop removing doc/pdf in clean target.
2006-09-09 Roland RosenfeldStop removing rc.privoxy.orig in dh_clean.
2006-09-09 Fabian KeilIntegrated Oliver Yeoh's domain pattern fix
2006-09-09 Roland Rosenfeldalso backup doc/pdf
2006-09-09 Roland Rosenfeld- Add patches from Debian release 3.0.3-2-2
2006-09-09 Fabian KeilModified cgi_send_user_manual to serve binary
2006-09-09 hal9Soften actions files update interval.