2001-09-16 jongfosterAdding i.j.b/robots.txt.
2001-09-16 jongfosterChanges to use new list functions.
2001-09-16 jongfosterRewrite of list library. Now has seperate header and...
2001-09-16 jongfosterRemoving redundant function call that zeroed zalloc...
2001-09-16 jongfosterSplitting fill_template() into 2 functions:
2001-09-16 jongfosterBetter error handling in dispatch_cgi() and parse_cgi_p...
2001-09-16 jongfosterNew function alloc_http_response, for symmetry with...
2001-09-15 steudtenRemove test for subsys flag in start. Some minor changes.
2001-09-14 hal9%changelog
2001-09-14 hal9test
2001-09-14 jongfosterTidying up memory allocation. New function init_action().
2001-09-13 jongfosterSupport for both static and dynamically generated CGI...
2001-09-13 jongfosterSupport for both static and dynamically generated CGI...
2001-09-13 jongfoster(Cosmetic only) Indentation correction
2001-09-13 jongfosterMoving image data to cgi.c rather than cgi.h
2001-09-13 jongfosterMoving image data to cgi.c rather than cgi.h.
2001-09-13 jongfosterDefining FORWARD_SPEC_INITIALIZER
2001-09-13 jongfosterChanging the string paramater to the header parsers...
2001-09-13 jongfosterAdding {} to an if statement
2001-09-13 jongfosterFixing potential problems with characters >=128 in...
2001-09-13 jongfosterFixing a compiler warning by adding a cast.
2001-09-13 jongfosterFixing 2 compiler warnings under Win32
2001-09-13 jongfosterFixing missing #include under Windows
2001-09-13 jongfosterAdding support for LOG_LEVEL_CGI
2001-09-13 jongfosterReverting to revision 1.10 - previous checking was...
2001-09-13 swaman page is legacy. suse rpm now contains html
2001-09-13 swacosmetics
2001-09-13 swashould give quick and dirty guidance
2001-09-13 swamerged standards into developer manual
2001-09-13 swawe want text files as well.
2001-09-13 steudtenGenerated from
2001-09-13 steudtenReplace DEBUG_CFLAGS with OTHER_CFLAGS
2001-09-13 steudtenPreWork for Debug Interface.
2001-09-13 David SchmidtA couple of minor tweaks:
2001-09-12 David SchmidtMac OSX (Darwin) support added.
2001-09-12 joergsAmigaOS support added.
2001-09-12 joergsStacksize of main thread increased.
2001-09-12 steudtenIn parse_http_request() header rewriting miss the host...
2001-09-12 steudtenadd #include <string.h>
2001-09-12 David SchmidtOS/2 port: update autoconf'd support for the platform.
2001-09-12 swaadded "make dok" section to generate html pages from
2001-09-12 swacould not find docbook.dsl
2001-09-12 David SchmidtMiniscule English edits on template HTML
2001-09-12 swawill be generated in the future
2001-09-12 swaignore generated files
2001-09-12 swasource files for junkbuster documentation
2001-09-12 swamoved old junkbuster docs to obsolete/
2001-09-12 steudtenNewest version from
2001-09-10 jongfosterReplacing text version of coding standards with a HTML...
2001-09-10 jongfosterChanges discussed in my e-mail of 10/9/01 - mainly...
2001-09-10 swaintegrate three pieces of documentation. needs work.
2001-09-10 swaintegrate three pieces of documentation.
2001-09-10 swafirst proposal of a structure.
2001-09-10 swadoc and testing guidelines should be part of the develo...
2001-09-10 swabuildroot definition in the specfile fucks up the build
2001-09-10 swabinary contained debug info.
2001-09-10 swajb did not start. none of the arguments worked. fixed.
2001-09-10 swacopy all templates. version updated.
2001-09-10 oesDeclaration of w32_socket_strerr now conditional
2001-09-10 oesTurning on -Wall
2001-09-10 oesDeleted unused variable
2001-09-10 oesSilenced compiler warnings
2001-09-10 oesAdded #include in.h
2001-09-10 oesSilenced compiler warnings
2001-09-10 oesRemoved unused variable; Fixed sprintf format
2001-09-10 oesRemoving unused variable
2001-09-09 oesFixing yet another silly bug
2001-09-07 oesFixed example
2001-09-06 oesFormatting, copyright
2001-09-06 oesFixed silly bug
2001-08-18 oesWrote a manpage, finally
2001-08-18 oes- Introduced pcrs_strerror()
2001-08-18 oes- Introduced pcrs_strerror()
2001-08-15 oesReplaced the hard limit for the maximum number of matches
2001-08-15 oes - Added support for Perl's special variables $+, ...
2001-08-07 oesFixed comment
2001-08-05 jongfosterRemoving references to 2 deleted icon files.
2001-08-05 jongfosterModifiying "struct map" so that there are now separate...
2001-08-05 oesAdapted finish_http_response to new list_to_text
2001-08-05 jongfosterMaking parameters "const" where possible.
2001-08-03 jongfosterSplitting version from config details
2001-08-02 jongfosterRemoving some remaining references to obsolete w32rules...
2001-08-02 jongfosterFixing an unterminated character constant.
2001-08-01 jongfosterChanges to fill_template() that reduce memory usage...
2001-08-01 jongfosterMoving file version information to a separate CGI page.
2001-08-01 jongfosterNot needed - This URL can be started directly from...
2001-08-01 jongfosterFixing documentation filenames in help menu, and making...
2001-08-01 jongfosterChanges to "Conditional Defines" section, so all the...
2001-08-01 jongfosterChanging show_defines so that it doesn't contain any...
2001-08-01 jongfosterChanging prototype of show_defines() to modify a map...
2001-08-01 jongfosterNew function: map_conditional() for an if-then-else...
2001-08-01 jongfosterAdding prototype for map_conditional
2001-07-31 oesAdded prototype for connection_close_adder
2001-07-31 oes - Persistant connections now suppressed
2001-07-31 oeslist_to_text() now appends empty line at end
2001-07-31 oesDeleted unused size parameter from filter_popups()
2001-07-30 jongfosterIgnoring *.txt (probably config files), w32.res and...
2001-07-30 jongfosterRemoving obsolete w32rulesdlg.c and w32rulesdlg.h
2001-07-30 jongfosterTidying up #defines:
2001-07-30 jongfosterRebuilding from latest and acconfig.h