2022-04-17 Fabian Keilprivoxy-log-parser: Highlight 'The socks connection...
2022-04-09 Fabian KeilAdd read_socks_reply() and start using it in socks5_con...
2022-04-01 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2022-04-01 Fabian Keilsocks5_connect(): Deal with domain names in the socks...
2022-04-01 Fabian Keilsocks5_connect(): Add support for target hosts specifie...
2022-04-01 Fabian KeilMove host_is_ip_address() to miscutil.c
2022-03-30 Fabian Keilcreate_server_ssl_connection(): Add comment about optim...
2022-03-30 Fabian Keilreceive_client_request(): Reject https URLs without...
2022-03-29 Fabian Keilhandle_established_connection(): Check for pending...
2022-03-29 Fabian Keilreceive_client_request(): Improve error message
2022-03-29 Fabian Keilremove_chunked_transfer_coding(): Improve two log messages
2022-03-29 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2022-03-29 Fabian KeilAdd Celejar as contributor
2022-03-29 Fabian Keilgif_deanimate(): Minor style fixes
2022-03-29 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2022-03-29 Fabian Keilgif_deanimate(): Tolerate multiple image extensions...
2022-03-29 Fabian KeilDisable filter{banners-by-link} for
2022-03-11 Fabian KeilAdd as Bronze sponsor again
2022-03-11 Fabian KeilAdd Andrew Savchenko as contributor
2022-03-11 Fabian KeilBlock requests to
2022-02-19 Fabian KeilDisable fast-redirects for
2022-02-19 Fabian Keilprivoxy-log-parser: Bump copyright
2022-02-19 Fabian Keilprivoxy-log-parser: Properly highlight 'No request...
2022-01-24 Fabian KeilAdd as Bronze level sponsor
2022-01-24 Fabian Keilsupported.sgml: Stop claiming that the file is included...
2022-01-13 Fabian Keilsupported.sgml: Break a long line
2022-01-13 Ian SilvesterUpdate FAQ with respect to supported operating system...
2022-01-10 Fabian KeilDisable fast-redirects{} for .onion/.*/status/
2022-01-10 Fabian KeilDisable fast-redirects{} for*/status/
2022-01-10 Fabian Keil"Update" list of Bronze sponsors
2022-01-07 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2022-01-07 Fabian KeilUnblock
2022-01-07 Fabian Keiluagen: Add OpenBSD architecture 'arm64'
2022-01-07 Fabian Keiluagen: Stop using sparc64 as FreeBSD architecture
2022-01-07 Fabian Keiluagen: Bump version
2021-12-29 Fabian KeilRebuild developer-manual and tidy with 'HTML Tidy for...
2021-12-27 Ian SilvesterUpdate developer manual with new macOS packaging instru...
2021-12-27 Ian SilvesterUpdate macOS packaging instructions
2021-12-24 Fabian KeilMakefile: Add a 'dok' target
2021-12-24 Fabian KeilDisable fast-redirects for
2021-12-20 Fabian KeilRebuild docs for 3.0.34 UNRELEASED
2021-12-20 Fabian KeilUpdate RSS feed to include a detached signature for...
2021-12-19 Fabian Keilcan_filter_request_body(): Fix a log message that conta...
2021-12-19 Fabian KeilUpdate RSS feed to include the macOS packages for Privo...
2021-12-14 Fabian KeilBump SMGL entities for 3.0.34 UNRELEASED
2021-12-13 Fabian Keilconfigure: Fix --with-msan option
2021-12-13 Fabian KeilBump version to 3.0.34 UNRELEASED
2021-12-09 Roland RosenfeldMerge Debian 3.0.33-1 changes.
2021-12-09 Fabian KeilUpdate RSS feed for the 3.0.33 releases
2021-12-09 Fabian KeilRebuild docs with corrected spelling
2021-12-09 Fabian KeilFix spelling
2021-12-09 Fabian KeilFix spelling
2021-12-09 Fabian KeilFix spelling
2021-12-08 Fabian KeilUpdate announcement for 3.0.33 stable
2021-12-08 Fabian KeilFix spelling
2021-12-07 Fabian KeilRebuild HTML man page v_3_0_33
2021-12-07 Fabian KeilRebuild privoxy man page
2021-12-07 Fabian KeilRebuild docs with updated ChangeLog
2021-12-07 Fabian KeilUpdate smgl ChangeLog
2021-12-07 Fabian KeilMinor ChangeLog improvements
2021-12-07 Fabian KeilChangeLog: Add entries for the security fixes
2021-12-07 Fabian KeilChangeLog: Mention the update of the OSXPackageBuilder...
2021-12-07 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2021-12-07 Joshua Rogersget_url_spec_param(): Free memory of compiled pattern...
2021-12-07 Joshua Rogersprocess_encrypted_request_headers(): Free header memory...
2021-12-07 Joshua Rogerssend_http_request(): Prevent memory leaks when handling...
2021-12-07 Fabian Keilcgi_error_no_template(): Encode the template name to...
2021-12-06 Fabian KeilRebuild docs with updated ChangeLog entries
2021-12-06 Fabian KeilUpdate SGML changelog
2021-12-06 Fabian KeilFAQ: Explicitly mention that sponsors can get a proper...
2021-12-06 Fabian KeilUpdate ChangeLog for changes up to 87385058b7e6
2021-12-02 Fabian KeilUnblock properly
2021-12-02 Roland Rosenfeldprivoxy-log-parser: fix typo in milliseconds.
2021-12-02 Roland RosenfeldMerge Debian 3.0.32-3 changes.
2021-12-01 Fabian KeilRebuild docs
2021-12-01 Fabian KeilBump SMGL entities for 3.0.33 stable
2021-12-01 Fabian KeilRebuild config file
2021-12-01 Fabian KeilRebuild AUTHORS
2021-12-01 Fabian KeilAdd Artem Ivanov as contributor
2021-12-01 Fabian KeilRegenerate config file
2021-12-01 Fabian Keilconfig: Explicitly mention that the CGI pages disclosin...
2021-12-01 Fabian Keiluagen: Bump copyright
2021-12-01 Fabian Keilprivoxy-log-parser: Highlight 'Socket timeout 3 reached...
2021-12-01 Fabian Keilprivoxy-log-parser: Improve documentation for inactivit...
2021-12-01 Fabian Keilprivoxy-log-parser: Detect date changes when looking...
2021-11-26 Fabian Keiluagen: Bump BROWSER_REVISION to match Firefox version...
2021-11-24 Leeput all the requested debug options in the config
2021-11-14 Fabian KeilDisable fast-redirects for
2021-11-14 Fabian KeilUpdate #184 to note that it will (hopefully) appear...
2021-11-14 Fabian KeilUnblock
2021-11-14 Fabian Keilconfigure: Bump SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
2021-11-14 Fabian KeilDeclare 3.0.33 stable
2021-11-11 Leenit: put all the '--enable-xxx' options together
2021-11-11 Leeupdate the build script to use mbed tls version 2.6.11
2021-11-11 Leeupdate build script to use the final 8.45 pcre library
2021-11-10 Fabian Keilregression-tests.action: Add fetch test for p.p/wpad.dat
2021-11-10 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2021-11-10 Fabian KeilAdd Richard Schneidt to the list of contributors
2021-11-10 Fabian KeilAdd a CGI handler for /wpad.dat
2021-11-10 Fabian Keillisten_loop(): When shutting down gracefully, close...