2002-03-19 morcego- Fixing stylesheet checking on configure. If it is...
2002-03-18 hal9Syncing with sgml.
2002-03-18 hal9More additions.
2002-03-18 hal9Some new additions.
2002-03-17 hal9A few more additions.
2002-03-17 hal9Correcting some of my typos, and some additions.
2002-03-17 hal9A little more added ...
2002-03-17 hal9Adding new stuff, and trying to incorporate stuff from...
2002-03-16 jongfosterAdding graceful termination feature, to help look for...
2002-03-16 hal9Catch ups.
2002-03-16 jongfosterVC++ Heap debug option
2002-03-16 jongfosterFixing free(NULL).
2002-03-16 oes - Added descriptions to the filters so users will...
2002-03-16 oes - Added descriptions to the filters so users will...
2002-03-16 oesCosmetics
2002-03-16 oesAdded descriptions to the filters so users will know...
2002-03-16 swagenerated new files.
2002-03-16 jongfosterStopping stupid or malicious users from breaking the...
2002-03-16 jongfosterMoving 'alpha' warning to the end of the page
2002-03-16 jongfosterFull support for enabling/disabling modular filters.
2002-03-16 jongfosterFirst version of modular filters support
2002-03-16 jongfosterIgnoring a very common warning.
2002-03-16 jongfosterFirst version of modular filters support - READ ONLY!
2002-03-14 hal9Bumped the RPM version.
2002-03-13 oesFixing bug with CT_TABOO
2002-03-13 oesBetter logging for content filters
2002-03-13 swacorrect feedback channels
2002-03-13 jongfosterKilling warnings
2002-03-13 jongfosterKilling warnings
2002-03-13 jongfosterHiding all the warnings generated by #include<windows.h>
2002-03-13 jongfosterMore warnings in debug mode
2002-03-12 hal9Add new +filter syntax in example.
2002-03-12 oesFixing & Optimizing REs
2002-03-12 Sarantis Paskalisremove hardcoded "ijbswa" from build phase
2002-03-12 Sarantis Paskalisremove hard-coded "ijbswa" string in build phase
2002-03-12 oesBeefed up Buzzword Bingo
2002-03-12 hal9Include merges from changes.txt and recent Andreas...
2002-03-12 hal9Sync with sgml source.
2002-03-12 hal9Catching up to Andreas and re_filterfile changes.
2002-03-12 oesMore verbose logging
2002-03-12 oesChanged default for "blocked" image from jb logo to...
2002-03-12 oesIntroduced modular filters
2002-03-11 hal9Remove --enable-no-gifs
2002-03-11 David SchmidtOS/2 port maintenance:
2002-03-11 David SchmidtAdd resolutions to main icon
2002-03-11 swatypo
2002-03-11 David SchmidtMaintain OS/2 version a little after all the recent...
2002-03-11 swanew section
2002-03-11 swacorrect feedback channels
2002-03-11 swabe consistent with rh spec file
2002-03-11 oesWorking in suggestions by Thorsten Kukuk <>
2002-03-11 hal9Add --enable-no-gifs to configure.
2002-03-10 swamore info on not hiding ip address
2002-03-10 oesAdded expression to kill referer tracking in JavaScripts
2002-03-10 hal9Added section on JB internal pages in Appendix.
2002-03-09 jongfoster- Making various functions return int rather than size_t.
2002-03-09 jongfosterFixing more warnings
2002-03-09 swamore distros
2002-03-09 hal9Sync with sgml.
2002-03-09 hal9New section on Jon's actions file editor, and move...
2002-03-09 swaadded default config section
2002-03-09 swawrong
2002-03-09 swawrong
2002-03-09 swacorrect feedback channels
2002-03-09 oesFixing the (harmless) AC_CHECK_FILE warnings
2002-03-09 hal9Fix major league typo on version.
2002-03-09 hal9--enable-no-gifs
2002-03-08 oesCleaned from 325 ^Ms which gave one warning each ;-)
2002-03-08 oessetgid to nogroup
2002-03-08 oesUpdated --user explanation; set synopsis back to standa...
2002-03-08 oesAdded optional group supplement to --user option. Will...
2002-03-08 swasome leftovers.
2002-03-08 swaremove user junkbuster after de-installation.
2002-03-08 swaremove user junkbuster after de-installation.
2002-03-08 swabuild requires tools. useradd and del works
2002-03-08 jongfosterAdding +image-blocker{pattern} option to edit interface
2002-03-08 morcegoOne more banner path to filter:
2002-03-08 jongfosterAdding comments
2002-03-08 jongfosterFixing int/size_t warnings
2002-03-08 oesPNG -> image in comments
2002-03-08 oesPNG -> image in comments
2002-03-08 oesAdded FEATURE_NO_GIFS
2002-03-08 oesAdded choice beween GIF and PNG built-in images
2002-03-08 oesUpdated from
2002-03-08 oesAdded --enable-no-gifs
2002-03-08 oesUpdated from acconfig.h
2002-03-08 oesRenamed cgi_transparent_png to cgi_transparent_image
2002-03-08 oesAdded GIF images again
2002-03-08 oesAdded FEATURE_NO_GIFS
2002-03-08 oesCosmetics
2002-03-08 oesFixing -Wconversion warnings
2002-03-08 morcegoFixing configure, to remove a command not found error.
2002-03-08 oesCosmetics
2002-03-08 oesHiding internal functions
2002-03-08 morcegoAdding libtool to Buildrequires
2002-03-08 oesHiding internal functions, preventing double inclusion...
2002-03-08 oesTiny bugfix in AC_ARG_WITH(debug)
2002-03-08 hal9Catchup more with Andreas.
2002-03-08 hal9Added imageblock{pattern}.