2009-05-13 Fabian KeilRespect the server's keep-alive value if it's below...
2009-05-13 Fabian KeilThere's no reason for keep_alive_timeout to be signed.
2009-05-10 LeeSurprised hasn't been flagged before now
2009-05-10 Fabian KeilChange wait_for_alive_connection() prototype to use...
2009-05-10 Fabian KeilRegenerate with connection-sharing and max-client-conne...
2009-05-10 Fabian KeilDeal with the log messages for client socket keep-alive...
2009-05-10 Fabian KeilReenable server-side-only keep-alive support, but only...
2009-05-10 Fabian KeilInitial keep-alive support for the client socket.
2009-05-08 Leeallow
2009-05-01 Fabian KeilProperly highlight LOG_LEVEL_CLF messages with IPv6...
2009-05-01 Fabian KeilIgnore nested comments in tokenize().
2009-04-26 hal9Modify for per Actionsfile feedback...
2009-04-24 Fabian KeilAllow to limit the number of of client connections.
2009-04-19 Fabian KeilUse a real miscellaneous section instead of misusing...
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilRegenerated with the IPv6 changes.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilDocs regenerated with the IPv6 changes.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilAdvertise IPv6 support on the show-status page.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilReplace HAVE_GETADDRINFO and HAVE_GETNAMEINFO macros
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilFix IPv4-mapped IPv6 prefix. Patch by Petr Pisar.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilIn the listen-address description, be more specific
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilIf the hostname is 'localhost' or not specified, reques...
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilAdd and use parse_forwarder_address() to reduce code...
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilAllow IPv6 addresses in forward-override{}.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilFix compiler warning.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilStyle cosmetics for the IPv6 code.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilGrammar and spelling fixes.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilRemove trailing whitespace.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilGrammar and spelling fixes.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilCompile fix for BSD libc.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilPetr Pisar's privoxy-3.0.12-ipv6-3.diff.
2009-04-16 Fabian KeilAdd regression test for the previous commit.
2009-04-16 hal9Videos don't play on per Actionsfile tracker.
2009-04-11 Fabian KeilUpdate a comment. We're not in Kansas anymore.
2009-04-11 Fabian KeilWhen dropping connections due to ACL, don't leak csp...
2009-04-09 Fabian KeilFix two cases in which an invalid server response would...
2009-04-07 Fabian KeilIn the "I would like to help ..." entry:
2009-04-07 Fabian KeilIf the server rudely resets the connection directly...
2009-04-05 Fabian KeilPut some headers in error messages in single quotes.
2009-04-04 Fabian KeilLet the clean target play nice with git.
2009-04-04 Fabian KeilFix whitespace.
2009-04-01 hal9Block, ad generator per Actionsfile feedback.
2009-03-28 Fabian KeilRecommend the use of forward-socks5 when forwarding...
2009-03-27 Fabian KeilCorrect the status code for CONNECTION_TIMEOUT_RESPONSE.
2009-03-27 Fabian KeilIf spawning a child in listen_loop() fails, send a...
2009-03-25 Roland Rosenfeldmerge Debian changes from 3.0.10 to 3.0.12.
2009-03-25 Fabian KeilIn serve(), keep the client socket open until we marked the
2009-03-25 Fabian KeilAnd they are running again. Bump version to 3.0.13...
2009-03-24 Leeget rid of
2009-03-23 Leerecommend logging crunches
2009-03-21 Fabian KeilOh well, at least the ChangeLog consumers got it right ...
2009-03-21 Fabian Keil- Mention that we are an associated project of SPI.
2009-03-21 Fabian KeilRebuild with recent changes.
2009-03-21 Fabian KeilRebuild with recent changes.
2009-03-21 Fabian Keil- Mention that we are an associated project of SPI.
2009-03-21 Fabian KeilTurn the donation entry title into a question,
2009-03-21 Fabian KeilRestore defaults for user-manual, confdir and logdir.
2009-03-21 hal9Updated HTML docs for 3.0.12.
2009-03-21 hal9Updated the changelog and about Privoxy texts.
2009-03-21 hal9Changed version string only to 3.0.12
2009-03-21 hal9Rebuild man pages for 3.0.12.
2009-03-21 hal9Reworked for 3.0.12 upcoming release.
2009-03-21 Fabian KeilMerge updated ChangeLog.
2009-03-21 Fabian KeilBump version to 3.0.12.
2009-03-21 Fabian KeilDeclare the code stable.
2009-03-20 Fabian KeilMention the changed logging behaviour in daemon mode.
2009-03-20 Fabian Keil- Privoxy doesn't exactly "manage" cookies like a moder...
2009-03-20 LeeI like having the version logged at startup and the...
2009-03-19 Fabian KeilFirst draft of a "Donating" entry. To be polished tomorrow.
2009-03-18 Fabian KeilIn init_error_log(), suppress the "(Re-)Opening logfile...
2009-03-18 Fabian KeilRevert the last commit as there's a better way.
2009-03-18 Fabian KeilComment fix. Spotted by Roland.
2009-03-18 Fabian KeilIf the --no-daemon option is used, enable LOG_LEVEL_INFO
2009-03-18 Fabian KeilDon't enable LOG_LEVEL_INFO by default and don't apply...
2009-03-15 Fabian KeilUpdate "What's New in this Release" section.
2009-03-15 Fabian KeilAdd changes since 3.0.11.
2009-03-15 Fabian KeilCosmetics.
2009-03-14 Fabian KeilHighlight: Info: Buffer limit reached while extending...
2009-03-13 Fabian KeilFix some more harmless warnings on amd64.
2009-03-09 Fabian KeilRequest the default charset in LogPutStringNoMatch().
2009-03-09 Fabian KeilUse the Privoxy icon in the alt+tab window.
2009-03-09 Fabian KeilAs of r1.88, the show-status page can use a single...
2009-03-08 Fabian KeilReinitialize the timeout structure every time before...
2009-03-08 Fabian KeilFix justified (but harmless) compiler warnings
2009-03-08 Fabian KeilAll the CSP_FLAG_FOO bit masks should be unsigned ints.
2009-03-07 Fabian KeilFix two mingw32-only buffer overflows. Note that triggering
2009-03-07 Fabian KeilChange csp->expected_content and_csp->expected_content_...
2009-03-07 Fabian KeilAdd log_error() support for unsigned long long (%lld).
2009-03-07 Fabian KeilOmit timestamp and thread id in the mingw32 message...
2009-03-07 Fabian KeilFix compiler warning.
2009-03-06 Fabian KeilLog unsigned values as such.
2009-03-04 Fabian KeilNo need to create empty strings manually, strdup("...
2009-03-04 LeeNYT home page formatting is broken; need to allow their...
2009-03-02 Fabian KeilStreamline parse_http_request()'s prototype. As
2009-03-01 hal9Update README to reflect the code is in development...
2009-03-01 Fabian Keil- Help clang understand that we aren't
2009-03-01 Fabian KeilHelp clang understand that we aren't dereferencing
2009-03-01 Fabian KeilFix cparser warnings.
2009-03-01 Fabian KeilHelp clang understand that we aren't dereferencing
2009-03-01 Leecouple of changes to the yahoo filter
2009-03-01 Leemore things to block