2001-07-21 jongfosterAdding version information block.
2001-07-20 haroon- In v1.5 forgot to add that I implemented LOG_LEVEL_PO...
2001-07-20 oesFixed indentation of prepocessor commands
2001-07-20 haroon- per Guy's suggestion, added a while loop in sweep...
2001-07-20 oesAdded Rodneys javascript cookie filter
2001-07-19 haroon- ignore vc_junkbuster.plg and w32.aps
2001-07-19 haroon- Added a FIXME for EditFile but didn't fix :-)
2001-07-19 haroon- Removed all #ifdef PCRS. The .rc file extension...
2001-07-19 haroon- Implemented Guy's idea of replacing
2001-07-19 haroon- Added code to take care of the situation where while...
2001-07-19 haroon- Added case for LOG_LEVEL_POPUPS
2001-07-19 haroonAdded define for LOG_LEVEL_POPUPS
2001-07-18 oesAdapted to new #defines
2001-07-18 oesChanged interface; Cosmetics
2001-07-18 oesChanged to conform to new pcrs interface
2001-07-18 oesFixed a typo in
2001-07-18 oesFixed a typo
2001-07-18 haroonimproved nuking of
2001-07-18 oesEliminated dirty hack for getsockbyname()
2001-07-18 oes- Added ACTION_STRING_DEANIMATE
2001-07-18 oesmoved #define freez from jcc.h to project.h
2001-07-18 oescosmetics
2001-07-18 oes- Made gif_deanimate_response respect
2001-07-18 oesUpdated prototype for gif_deanimate
2001-07-18 oes- Added feature for extracting the first frame
2001-07-18 oesUpdated example for debug CLF
2001-07-18 oes- Changed deanimate-gifs to string action
2001-07-18 oesChanged deanimate-gifs to string action
2001-07-17 oesFixed segv when last line in config files
2001-07-15 jongfosterNew build files for VC++ which provide the option of...
2001-07-15 jongfosterAdded support for linking with POSIX threads library
2001-07-15 jongfosterSupports POSIX threads.
2001-07-15 jongfosterRenaming STATIC to STATIC_PCRE.
2001-07-15 jongfosterRenaming #define STATIC to STATIC_PCRE
2001-07-15 jongfosterRenaming #define STATIC to STATIC_PCRE
2001-07-15 jongfosterRemoving some unused #includes
2001-07-15 jongfosterFixing "release" target.
2001-07-15 jongfosterFixing file copy in "Release" build.
2001-07-15 jongfosterAdding #includes string.h and miscutil.h
2001-07-15 jongfosterRemoving unused local variable.
2001-07-15 jongfosterFixed copy command to copy the file to te right place.
2001-07-15 jongfosterMade both JunkBuster projects depend on vc_dftables...
2001-07-15 jongfosterAdded deanimate.[ch], and fixed file copy by quoting...
2001-07-13 oes - Included SHOW_RCS for deanimate.*
2001-07-13 oesRemoved all #ifdef PCRS
2001-07-13 oesElimiated yet another bug in the banner-by-size jobs...
2001-07-13 oes - Reorganized regex header inclusion and #defines to
2001-07-13 oes - Included fix to repair broken HTTP requests that
2001-07-13 oesRemoved vim-settings
2001-07-13 oes - Removed all #ifdef PCRS
2001-07-13 oes - Generic content modification scheme:
2001-07-13 oes - Introduced gif_deanimate_response
2001-07-13 oes - Introduced gif_deanimate_response which shares the
2001-07-13 oes - Added LOG_LEVEL_DEANIMATE
2001-07-13 oes - Added case for LOG_LEVEL_DEANIMATE
2001-07-13 oes Completely reorganized the selection scheme for
2001-07-13 oesFreshly generated from changed
2001-07-13 oes Changed to reflect the new pcre, pcreposix, pcrs
2001-07-13 oes - Included new log level for GIF deanimation
2001-07-13 oesRemoved all #ifdef PCRS and related code
2001-07-13 oes - Included Documentation and an example entry for the
2001-07-13 oes - Formatting
2001-07-13 oesFreshly generated from (changed) acconfig.h
2001-07-13 oes - (Fix:) Copied CODE_STATUS #define from
2001-07-13 oes - Moved STATIC #define for pcre to (ac)config.h
2001-07-13 oesAdded (very!) compact version of "blocked" page
2001-07-13 oesIntroduced GIF deanimation feature
2001-07-13 oesIntroduced GIF deanimation feature
2001-07-13 oescm
2001-07-13 iwanttokeepanonChanged the standards to use uppercase instead of under...
2001-07-03 Sarantis Paskalisreplaced permissionsfile with actionsfile
2001-07-03 Sarantis Paskalisbumped up version number.
2001-07-02 iwanttokeepanonApended " on some sites" to the HTML generating functio...
2001-07-02 iwanttokeepanonAdded "#ifdef ACL_FILES" conditional compilation to...
2001-07-02 iwanttokeepanonA modified STANDARDS.txt file. I removed my XEmacs...
2001-07-01 oesAdded fix for by Magnus Holmgren <lear...
2001-07-01 oesBugfix: accept_connection no longer uses the obsolete...
2001-07-01 oesAdded comments and missing return statement in is_untru...
2001-07-01 oesFixed misplaced dependancy
2001-06-29 oesVersion -> 2.9.5
2001-06-29 oesHTML cosmetics
2001-06-29 oesIndentation, CRLF->LF, Tab-> Space
2001-06-29 oesadapted to reflect the changes in showargs.c
2001-06-29 oes- Adapted
2001-06-29 oes- Added explanation for U and T options
2001-06-29 oes- Improved comments
2001-06-29 oes- Cleaned up, commented and adapted to reflect the
2001-06-29 oes- Cleaned up, renamed and reordered functions,
2001-06-29 oes- Fixed a comment
2001-06-29 oesRemoved logentry from cancelled commit
2001-06-29 oesVarious adaptions
2001-06-29 oes- Improved comments
2001-06-29 oes- Introduced enlist_unique_header()
2001-06-29 oes- Added Convenience function enlist_unique_header(),
2001-06-29 oesAdded FIXMEs (and didn't repair, hehe)
2001-06-29 oes- Cleaned up, improved comments
2001-06-29 oes- Added remote (server) host IP to csp->http->host_ip_a...
2001-06-29 oesCleaned up and updated to reflect the changesin
2001-06-29 oes- Cleaned up, renamed and reorderd functions
2001-06-29 oesIntroduced #define CODE_STATUS