2018-03-09 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2018-03-09 Fabian KeilRemove id tag
2018-03-08 Roland Rosenfeldfix typo in FAQ.
2018-03-08 Fabian KeilExpect a 404 for /show-version which no longer exists
2018-03-08 Fabian KeilRemove cgi_show_version()
2018-03-08 Fabian KeilRemove show_rcs() and the CVS ids it relied upon
2018-03-07 Leefix comment
2018-03-01 Fabian KeilChange write_pid_file()'s prototype to take the path...
2018-03-01 Fabian KeilConsistently use the U(ngreedy) flag in the 'img-reorde...
2018-03-01 Fabian KeilAdd brief HTTP/2 FAQ
2018-03-01 Fabian Keil#121: Fix typo
2018-03-01 Fabian KeilAdd a web-sponsors target to only update the sponsoring...
2018-03-01 Fabian KeilAdd as Privoxy sponsor
2017-08-25 Fabian KeilRegenerate docs
2017-08-25 Fabian KeilFAQ: Change two more SPI links to https
2017-08-12 Fabian KeilFix server-response fuzzing
2017-08-12 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2017-08-12 Fabian Keilpcrs_compile_replacement(): Remove an assertion that...
2017-08-12 Fabian KeilRemove an obsolete comment
2017-08-12 Fabian KeilCompile socks fuzzing code depending on FUZZ instead...
2017-08-12 Fabian KeilAdd the pointer to the receive buffer to the csp
2017-08-12 Fabian KeilStreamline handle_established_connection()'s parameter...
2017-08-12 Fabian Keilload_config(): Rearrange code to prevent a useless...
2017-08-12 Fabian KeilWarn when still using select()
2017-08-12 Fabian KeilWarn when compiling without calloc()
2017-07-10 Leeadd 'make dok-tidy' to the list of things to do for...
2017-07-01 Leebump copyright
2017-07-01 Leeget rid of another compiler warning on Windows for...
2017-07-01 Leefix format specifier in log_error for unsigned long...
2017-06-26 Fabian Keillisten_loop(): Reuse a single thread attribute object
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilRemove an obsolete NULL check
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilFree csp resources in the thread that belongs to the csp
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilFactor free_csp_resources() out of sweep()
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilFix a comment that described the effect of debug 1024...
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilRebuild config file with enable-accept-filter documentation
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilRebuild user-manual with enable-accept-filter documentation
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilDocument the enable-accept-filter directive
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilRebuild config file with listen-backlog documentation
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilRebuild the user manual with listen-backlog documentation
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilDocument the listen-backlog directive
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilImprove 'socket timeout reached' message
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilAdd a listen-backlog directive
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilEnable accept filter only once
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilAdd an enable-accept-filter directive
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilExplicitly taint the server socket in case of CONNECT...
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilAdd fast-redirects exception for '*origin...
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilUpdate reference to the 'show-version' page
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilUpdate comments that still mentioned 'show-proxy-args...
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilRemove list of supposedly declared functions from a...
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilUnblock
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilSkip a regex if we don't need the captured result
2017-06-08 Fabian Keilget_content_length(): Replace an assertion with a compi...
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilRemove a mysterious comment with a GNU FDL link
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilLet write_pid_file() terminate if the pid file can...
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilRebuild HTML docs
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilRebuild AUTHORS
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilRegenerate config file with 'receive-buffer-size' and...
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilAdd a small fuzzing section to the developer documentation
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilAdd Johan Sintorn as contributor
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilFix indentation in handle_established_connection()
2017-06-08 Fabian Keilrfc2553_connect_to(): Properly detect and log when...
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilFix indentation
2017-06-04 Fabian KeilLet sockaddr_storage_to_ip() return void
2017-06-04 Fabian KeilLet sockaddr_storage_to_ip() assert that the address...
2017-06-04 Fabian KeilLet sockaddr_storage_to_ip() assert that addr isn't...
2017-06-04 Fabian KeilRelocate the DEFAULT_KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT definition...
2017-06-04 Fabian KeilRemove code that has been pointless since 2009
2017-06-04 Fabian KeilFix comments that still called Privoxy Junkbuster
2017-06-04 Fabian Keilsocket_is_still_alive(): Remove superfluous empty line
2017-06-01 Leehard-code windres output format to pe-i386
2017-05-31 Fabian KeilUnbreak the 'Windows with GUI' build after r1.129
2017-05-29 Fabian KeilRemove #157 which is done
2017-05-29 Fabian KeilRemove #149 which is done
2017-05-29 Fabian Keilremove_tag_for_client(): Remove a harmless 'dead store'
2017-05-29 Fabian Keilcgi_show_client_tags(): Fix a harmless 'dead store...
2017-05-29 Fabian KeilMake sure binaries with fuzzing support are used for...
2017-05-29 Fabian Keilpcrs_compile_replacement(): Fix a clang warning when...
2017-05-29 Fabian Keillog_error(): Reduce the mutex-protected area
2017-05-29 Fabian Keillog_error(): Declare log_buffer_size constant
2017-05-29 Fabian KeilLet zalloc() use calloc() if it's available
2017-05-29 Fabian KeilDocument the receive-buffer-size directive
2017-05-29 Fabian KeilAdd a receive-buffer-size directive
2017-05-25 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2017-05-25 Fabian KeilMake it more obvious that the --with-fdsetsize configur...
2017-05-25 Fabian KeilNever use select() when poll() is available
2017-05-25 Fabian KeilReduce chat()'s stack usage
2017-05-25 Fabian KeilRegister missing dependencies for fuzz.c and client...
2017-05-25 Fabian KeilProperly disable fuzz support when it hasn't been requested
2017-05-25 Fabian KeilAdd missing space
2017-05-25 Fabian KeilAdd a 'reproducible-tarball-dist' target
2017-05-20 Fabian KeilFix a path pattern explanation by extending it
2017-05-20 Fabian KeilFix a path pattern explanation
2017-05-20 Fabian KeilFix typo
2017-05-20 Fabian KeilAdd a web-homepage target
2017-05-20 Fabian KeilAdd #158: Use a single thread to wait for new requests...
2017-05-20 Fabian KeilAdd #157: Add a directive to control the currently...
2017-05-20 Fabian KeilRemove a pointless comment
2017-05-20 Fabian KeilRemove pointless-looking bzero() define for OS/2
2017-05-04 Fabian KeilRegenerate homepage with updated sponsor footer
2017-05-04 Fabian KeilRemove ChameleonJohn from the sponsor footer on the...