2008-01-28 Fabian Keil- Mark some parameters as immutable.
2008-01-26 Fabian KeilDon't let the less-download-windows filter mess up
2008-01-26 Fabian KeilAdd two "Since 3.0.8" items and clarify a 3.0.7 item.
2008-01-26 Fabian KeilIf enable-edit-actions is disabled, hide the edit butto...
2008-01-26 Fabian KeilChange version to 3.0.9 UNRELEASED.
2008-01-25 Fabian KeilUpdate hide-forwarded-for-headers description.
2008-01-25 Fabian Keil- Add yet another new yahoo ad id.
2008-01-23 Fabian KeilRemove the "Fix build on OS/2" item as I just broke...
2008-01-22 Fabian Keil- Ditch the pathetic "and security holes fixed" "featur...
2008-01-21 David SchmidtSwap #def from negative to positive, re-joined it so...
2008-01-21 Fabian Keil- Factor enlist_new_test() out of load_action_files().
2008-01-20 Fabian KeilAllow Privoxy-Regression-Test to CONNECT to port 80 v_3_0_8
2008-01-20 Fabian KeilSet version to 3.0.8.
2008-01-20 Fabian KeilSet CODE_STATUS to stable.
2008-01-20 Fabian KeilAdd forward-override examples.
2008-01-20 Fabian KeilFix some more utf issues.
2008-01-20 Fabian Keils@©@(c)@
2008-01-19 gjmurphyUpdated to the current gpl-2.0.txt from Postal...
2008-01-19 gjmurphyMentioned a couple of win32 build updates
2008-01-19 Fabian KeilWhat 1.45 and 1.47 said.
2008-01-19 gjmurphymentioned bugtracker;changed my email addr to the sf...
2008-01-19 Fabian Keil- Add some "Since 3.0.7" items, one less exciting then...
2008-01-19 hal9Re-commit to solve various last minute issues for chars...
2008-01-19 hal9Add IE7 to configuration section per Gerry.
2008-01-19 hal9Add content-type header with charset parameter iso...
2008-01-19 hal9Test commit for font issue.
2008-01-19 hal9Re-commit to fix various minor issues for new release.
2008-01-19 hal9Somehow overlooked....recomitting.
2008-01-19 hal9Recommit to include Gerry.
2008-01-19 hal9We left Gerry off AUTHORS entirely! Sorry Gerry!!!
2008-01-19 hal9Rebuilt html docs for Privoxy 3.0.8
2008-01-19 hal9Rebuilt for 3.0.8 stable release.
2008-01-19 hal9Doc sources tagged for 3.0.8 release.
2008-01-18 Fabian KeilAdd Privoxy-Regression-Test 0.2 and a few regression...
2008-01-17 hal9Change copyright notice for docs s/2007/2008/. All...
2008-01-17 hal9Add entity to config.sgml for build, update config...
2008-01-05 Fabian KeilLet client_range() also handle Request-Range headers
2008-01-04 Fabian KeilImprove the warning messages that get logged if the...
2008-01-02 Fabian KeilInstead of linking to the "Contacting the developers...
2007-12-31 Fabian KeilUnblock wiki[pm] by host.
2007-12-31 Fabian KeilLet the msn filter remove the width limitation again.
2007-12-31 Fabian Keil- Let the yahoo filter remove the width limitation...
2007-12-28 Fabian KeilIn server_content_type():
2007-12-28 Fabian KeilMinor server_content_disposition() changes:
2007-12-25 Fabian KeilAdd a fast-redirects exception for
2007-12-24 Fabian KeilBand-aid (and micro-optimization) that makes it less...
2007-12-23 Fabian KeilUse more precise example descriptions for the mysteriou...
2007-12-23 Fabian Keil- Lo and behold, the CSS fix for the MSN buttons is...
2007-12-23 Fabian KeilReword "unrecognized directive" warning, use better
2007-12-19 hal9Changes to issue per Actionsfile feedback item...
2007-12-16 Fabian KeilPrevent the log messages for CONNECT requests to unacce...
2007-12-16 Fabian KeilUpdate logfile and debug sections.
2007-12-15 Fabian KeilStop overloading logfile to control the mingw32 log...
2007-12-15 Fabian Keil- Remove entries for SuSE and Redhat.
2007-12-15 Fabian KeilPlug memory leak if listen-address only specifies the...
2007-12-14 Fabian Keil- Update debug's "Default value:" entry to match reality.
2007-12-13 David SchmidtMake sure all console-mode apps get a usage() instance
2007-12-13 hal9Actionsfile feedback item #1849627 nedstatbasic.
2007-12-11 Fabian KeilFix dependency list for cgiedit.c.
2007-12-11 Fabian KeilMake strong warnings red too.
2007-12-11 Fabian KeilMake forward-override accessible through the CGI editor.
2007-12-11 Fabian KeilLet the CGI editor suggest a forward-override
2007-12-10 hal9Update this section, which has been ignored.
2007-12-10 hal9New README, minor rewording for project status.
2007-12-10 hal9Change versioning for > 3.0.7 && < 3.0.8
2007-12-10 hal9Unset $LANG for text processing of docs so we get pure...
2007-12-10 hal9Markup changes, and minor text wording to signify we...
2007-12-09 hal9Updated to fix broken text conversion.
2007-12-09 hal9Add new command line option
2007-12-09 Fabian KeilEnable logfile again. v_3_0_7
2007-12-08 hal9Fix several brain farts.
2007-12-08 Fabian KeilDo the single-byte umlauts dance once more.
2007-12-08 hal9Updated for 3.0.7 beta
2007-12-08 Fabian Keil- Use the shiny new CSS "pattern" class.
2007-12-08 Fabian Keil- Use the shiny new CSS "pattern" class.
2007-12-08 hal9Updated to 3.0.7 beta
2007-12-08 hal9Include recent changes.
2007-12-08 Fabian KeilUse CSS to let the URL and pattern input fields scale...
2007-12-08 hal9Revert from stable to beta wording
2007-12-08 Fabian Keil- Remove two already commented out sections.
2007-12-08 Fabian Keil- Remove already commented out pre-3.0.7 changes.
2007-12-07 Fabian KeilRemove now-obsolete csp member x_forwarded.
2007-12-07 Fabian Keil- Add a few entries and remove a few duplicates.
2007-12-07 Fabian KeilEnable logfile again, but only log fatal errors.
2007-12-07 hal9More docs for 307 stable.
2007-12-07 hal9For stable release.
2007-12-07 hal9For 307 stable release
2007-12-07 hal9Set for 3.0.7 stable release
2007-12-06 Fabian KeilUpdate hide-forwarded-for-headers description.
2007-12-06 Fabian KeilGarbage-collect the code to add a X-Forwarded-For
2007-12-06 Fabian KeilReword NO_SERVER_DATA_RESPONSE to make it harder
2007-12-04 Fabian KeilUnbreak trustfile which previously didn't work without
2007-12-04 Roland RosenfeldUpdate Debian patches to the state of CVS as of 2007...
2007-12-01 Fabian KeilFix a crash on mingw32 with some Last Modified times...
2007-12-01 Fabian KeilSome sanity checks for pick_from_range().
2007-11-30 Fabian KeilUse freez instead of free.
2007-11-30 Fabian KeilUnbreak LOG_LEVEL_FATAL. It wasn't fatal with logging...
2007-11-29 Fabian KeilPlug memory leak. Spotted by Valgrind, triggered by
2007-11-28 Fabian KeilFix double free in cgi_edit_actions_list().
2007-11-27 Fabian KeilUpdate CSS for the yahoo filter.