2018-12-30 Fabian KeilUpdate the announcement
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilBump version in config file
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilRebuild docs
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilUpdate SGML changelog
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilRebuild AUTHORS
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilAdd changes for 3.0.28 stable
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilAdd David Binderman to the list of contributors
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilBump version to 3.0.28 stable
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilLet Level 20 an 21 depend on enable-remote-toggle inste...
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilExpect status code 403 if enable-remote-toggle is set...
2018-12-30 Fabian KeilFix misplaced parentheses
2018-12-29 Leerebuild docs with a version of tidy that doesn't break... v_3_0_27
2018-12-29 Leeadd windows/GNUmakefile for creating the windows build
2018-12-29 Fabian Keil.gitignore: Only ignore GNUmakefile in the root directory
2018-12-23 Fabian KeilRebuild docs with updated ChangeLog
2018-12-23 Fabian KeilUpdate the SGML changelog
2018-12-23 Fabian KeilUpdate the announcement
2018-12-23 Fabian KeilAdd a missing colon and a couple of dots
2018-12-23 Fabian KeilMove a documentation item to the right section
2018-12-21 Fabian KeilRebuild HTML man page for Privoxy 3.0.27 stable
2018-12-21 Fabian KeilRebuild man page for Privoxy 3.0.27 stable
2018-12-21 Fabian KeilRebuild docs for Privoxy 3.0.27 stable
2018-12-21 Fabian KeilBump SMGL entities for 3.0.27 stable
2018-12-21 Fabian KeilBump SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
2018-12-21 Fabian KeilDeclare Privoxy 3.0.27 'stable'
2018-12-16 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-16 LeeInclude the man page in the `All documentation should...
2018-12-16 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2018-12-16 Fabian KeilAdd changes for 3.0.27 stable
2018-12-16 Fabian KeilFix comment typo
2018-12-15 LeePrefer OpenSP to SP
2018-12-14 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-14 Lee"Before the Release" requires more than just "Freeze"
2018-11-28 Fabian KeilUse https:// in the link to Ian's mirror
2018-11-12 Fabian KeilDowngrade log message from ERROR to CONNECT
2018-11-12 Fabian KeilPut URL in error message
2018-11-12 Fabian KeilRebuild docs
2018-11-12 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2018-11-12 Fabian KeilRename flush_socket() to flush_iob()
2018-11-12 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2018-11-12 Fabian KeilDocument delay-response{}
2018-11-12 Fabian KeilAdd delay-response{} action
2018-11-11 Leeput utils/makeChangeLog under the GPLv2 license.
2018-11-01 Fabian KeilMove Hal to the 'Former Team Members' section
2018-11-01 Fabian KeilPrefer openjade to jade
2018-10-30 Fabian KeilBump Copyright
2018-10-30 Fabian KeilBump SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
2018-10-29 Fabian KeilRemove trailing white-space
2018-10-27 Leerebuild docs
2018-10-27 Leedeveloper doc nit: bumping the version number belongs...
2018-10-27 Leedeveloper doc nit: move the 'commit all changes' step up
2018-10-27 Leedeveloper doc: list the steps for creating the changelog
2018-10-27 Leeadd a program to turn git log output into a change log
2018-10-26 Fabian KeilRefer to the git sources instead of CVS
2018-10-25 Fabian KeilUse GNU/Linux when referring to the OS instead of the...
2018-10-25 Fabian KeilRemove obsolete Amiga references
2018-10-25 Fabian KeilRemove paragraph about obsolete AmigaOS and QNX support
2018-10-23 Fabian KeilRemove support for AmigaOS
2018-10-23 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-10-23 Leeimprove handling of @@line continuations
2018-10-23 Fabian KeilRemove an obsolete comment
2018-10-23 Fabian KeilFix compiler warnings
2018-10-23 Fabian KeilChange include order so errlog.h can use jb_err
2018-10-23 Fabian KeilFix compiler warnings
2018-10-23 Fabian KeilFix a compiler warning
2018-10-23 Leeadd a comment about the cygwin -mwindows build flag
2018-10-23 Leeget rid of trailing spaces
2018-10-23 Leehave docbook generated html files be straight ascii
2018-10-23 Leekeep the sgml files 7-bit ascii
2018-10-23 Leehave the 'print' section of the stylesheet convert...
2018-10-23 Leefix %indent-screen-lines% syntax error
2018-10-23 Leedon't convert "&code;" strings in docbook generated...
2018-10-23 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-10-23 Leeget rid of <cr><lf> line endings and trailing spaces
2018-10-16 Fabian KeilRegenerate for 3.0.26 (STABLE)
2018-10-16 Fabian KeilRegenerate homepage
2018-10-16 Fabian KeilRemove from the footer
2018-10-16 Fabian KeilRemove from the footer
2018-10-10 Fabian KeilFix parameter index in a comment
2018-10-10 Fabian KeilFix parameter index in a comment
2018-08-12 Leetell tidy the input is ISO-8859-1 & to not complain...
2018-08-10 Leerebuild docs
2018-08-10 Leeadd windows/ build files from the old cvs winsetup...
2018-08-10 Leerebuild the docs
2018-08-10 Leeupdate the docs for the => privoxy...
2018-07-10 Leeremove all of the CVS "$Id: xxx" lines that GIT doesn...
2018-07-09 Leeupdate the URL for the Privoxy TODO list
2018-07-09 Fabian KeilUse https for the FAQ link
2018-07-09 Fabian KeilTODO: Remove CVS id and update URL
2018-05-10 Roland RosenfeldUpdate debian directory to 3.0.26-6 status.
2018-04-21 Leeget rid of a compiler warning
2018-03-31 Leeecho the filename to stderr for 'make dok-tidy'
2018-03-19 Leerebuild docs
2018-03-19 Leehave docbook generate valid html
2018-03-19 Leegenerate correct html - no &#13; chars
2018-03-18 Leemake dok: don't run tidy on the docbook generated html
2018-03-18 Leeuse the wayback machine for the docbook site that no...
2018-03-15 Leerebuild docs
2018-03-15 Leeadjust <literallayout> lines to not exceed the line...
2018-03-14 Leeadd faq for what to do if editing the config file is...