2002-05-03 hal9Move user-manual directive to top of section. Notes...
2002-05-03 hal9Move the user-manual config directive to top of section...
2002-05-03 hal9Fix section numbering for new sections (due to TOC...
2002-05-03 hal9Done.
2002-05-03 oesSet version to 2.9.15 to comply with new versioning...
2002-05-02 swagenerated
2002-05-02 oesAdded explanation about version numbers and RPM package...
2002-04-30 oes.
2002-04-30 oesDeleted unused code from default_cgi
2002-04-30 oesNit: updated a comment
2002-04-30 oesMade csp the first parameter in *action_to_html
2002-04-29 oesFixed BML link text
2002-04-29 oesFixed AF feedback link
2002-04-29 hal9Sync with source.
2002-04-29 hal9Sync.
2002-04-29 hal9-Added new Q/A on new actions file set up (pointer...
2002-04-29 hal9Add clarification on differences of new actions files.
2002-04-29 hal9Sync.
2002-04-29 hal9Add info on steps for uploading and the release process...
2002-04-28 jongfosterIt looks like this file got filtered through +kill...
2002-04-28 swagenerated
2002-04-28 swamore structure in starting section
2002-04-28 swabookmark texts
2002-04-28 swabookmarklet text
2002-04-28 swabookmark text
2002-04-28 hal9This is the break up of configuration.html into multipl...
2002-04-27 hal9Paste in text for user-manual option from user-manual...
2002-04-27 hal9-Rewrite of Actions File example.
2002-04-27 swano longer needed due to new
2002-04-27 swauid, gui 73 incorporated
2002-04-27 morcego- Correcting typo in my name (Rodrigo, not Rodgrigo...
2002-04-27 swagenerated
2002-04-27 swareplacing directory in document creation process
2002-04-27 swaprettyfied printing.
2002-04-27 swa.
2002-04-27 swawe want pretty pdf docs
2002-04-27 swapdf process reviewed and cleaned up
2002-04-27 hal9-Add short section to Filter Files to tie in with ...
2002-04-27 hal9Sync.
2002-04-27 morcegoprivoxy-cl.spec now gets removed by clobber target
2002-04-27 morcegoAdding --exclude "PACKAGERS" to every tar command that...
2002-04-27 morcegoAdding license and copyright comments.
2002-04-27 morcegoAdded privoxy-cl.spec to the list of file to ignore
2002-04-27 The tarball created on redhat-dist...
2002-04-27 morcegoAdding new package target: Conectiva
2002-04-26 jongfosterRemoving the alternating colors because they've been...
2002-04-26 jongfosterCosmetic change: Making the +filter UI look the same as
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing a memory leak. (Near, but not caused by, my...
2002-04-26 jongfosterHonouring default exports in edit-actions-for-url-filte...
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing all(?) the substitutions that were broken in the
2002-04-26 jongfosterAdding real names as well as e-mails
2002-04-26 jongfoster- current_action_to_html(): Adding help link for the...
2002-04-26 swa.
2002-04-26 swa.
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing a memory leak on error
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing this Visual C++ warning:
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing this Visual C++ warning:
2002-04-26 jongfosterBumping version numbers
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing typos in help hyperlinks
2002-04-26 swagenerated
2002-04-26 swabe consistent
2002-04-26 swaFIXME
2002-04-26 morcegoNew {-block} rule: /downloads/
2002-04-26 swabookmarks cleaned, changed structure of user manual...
2002-04-26 swajust produce single html files to proces them later...
2002-04-26 morcegoChanging Vendor value to Privoxy.Org
2002-04-26 joergsAmigaOS: No socklen_t, added AMIGA to the systems using...
2002-04-26 morcegoFixing typo on last commit
2002-04-26 morcegoAdding: {-block}
2002-04-26 oesCentral "button" link style in cgi-style.css
2002-04-26 oes - Central "button" link style in cgi-style.css
2002-04-26 oesActions renamed, alphabetically sorted, comments fixed...
2002-04-26 oesKilled REDIRECT_URL, added USER_MANUAL_URL and HELP_LIN...
2002-04-26 oesNew function string_toupper
2002-04-26 oes - New option "user-manual", defaults to our site
2002-04-26 oesAdded user-manual option (FIXME: Needs comment)
2002-04-26 oes - Kill obsolete REDIRECT_URL code
2002-04-26 oesAdaptions to changes in actions.c
2002-04-26 oesNew function add_help_link
2002-04-26 oes - New function add_help_link
2002-04-26 oes - actions_to_html signature change
2002-04-26 oes - CGI AF editor now writes action lines split into
2002-04-26 swawe don't do service for junkbuster anymore
2002-04-26 swawe want the feedbacksystem to work on ...
2002-04-26 swaignore temp dir
2002-04-26 hal9Sync.
2002-04-26 hal9Mass commit to catch a few scattered fixes.
2002-04-26 hal9-Add most of Andreas suggestions to Chain of Events...
2002-04-25 hal9More cleanup for recent changes, and otherwise. Fixed...
2002-04-25 morcegoRemoved RPM release number declaration on
2002-04-25 hal9More catchups on new actions files, and new actions...
2002-04-25 swagenerated
2002-04-25 hal9Sync.
2002-04-25 hal9More updates for multipe actions files, etc.
2002-04-24 hal9More catch ups (minor).
2002-04-24 hal9Catch up with recent changes (more). Re-do example...
2002-04-24 hal9Catch up with recent changes.
2002-04-24 hal9Sync.
2002-04-24 hal9New actions files.
2002-04-24 hal9A quick catch up.