windows/MYconfigure: Fix spelling of 'difference' in a comment
[privoxy.git] / windows / MYconfigure
2022-06-15 Fabian Keilwindows/MYconfigure: Fix spelling of 'difference' in...
2021-11-11 Leenit: put all the '--enable-xxx' options together
2021-11-11 Leeupdate the build script to use mbed tls version 2.6.11
2021-11-11 Leeupdate build script to use the final 8.45 pcre library
2021-03-21 Leeadd a note that DEP is also called NX or nxcompat
2021-03-21 Leeupdate the windows build to use the latest mbed tls...
2021-02-21 Leewindows build: default build now uses --with-brotli
2021-02-21 Leewindows build: default is now --with-mbedtls
2021-02-18 Leewindows: static link privoxy with an external pcre...
2021-02-18 Leewindows: enable dynamic error checking
2021-01-27 Fabian Keilwindows: Enable extended statistics and pcre host patterns
2018-08-10 Leeadd windows/ build files from the old cvs winsetup...