Rebuild with utf-8 encoding
[privoxy.git] / urlmatch.c
2012-12-07 Fabian KeilCorrect a return code in compile_host_pattern()
2012-12-07 Fabian KeilReject URLs with invalid port
2012-11-29 Fabian KeilUse strdup_or_die() instead of strdup()
2012-07-23 Fabian KeilStart using malloc_or_die()
2012-06-08 Fabian KeilShorten ssplit()'s prototype by removing the last two...
2012-03-09 Fabian KeilFollow-up fixes for the previous white-space changes
2012-03-09 Fabian KeilAdd missing white-space behind if's and the following...
2012-03-09 Fabian KeilFix white-space around parentheses
2012-03-04 Fabian KeilUse privoxy_tolower() instead of vanilla tolower()...
2011-12-31 Fabian KeilRemove a duplicated dot in a comment
2011-11-06 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2011-11-06 Fabian KeilAdd url_requires_percent_encoding()
2011-09-04 Fabian KeilConstify the known_http_methods pointers in unknown_met...
2011-09-04 Fabian KeilDitch trailing whitespace
2011-05-22 Fabian KeilIf only one of the strncmpic() arguments has a length...
2011-04-19 Fabian KeilFix various spelling errors in the comments.
2009-06-10 Fabian KeilLet extended hostname patterns without trailing dots...
2009-06-03 Fabian KeilFactor path_matches() out of url_match().
2009-06-03 Fabian KeilFactor host_matches() out of url_match().
2009-06-03 Fabian KeilFactor port_matches() out of url_match().
2009-06-03 Fabian KeilFix comment spelling.
2009-06-03 Fabian KeilStreamline struct http_request if FEATURE_EXTENDED_HOST...
2009-05-19 Fabian KeilStyle fix.
2009-05-19 Fabian KeilFix clang warning: Although the value stored to 'next'
2009-05-16 Fabian KeilRemove CVS revision logs. TODO item #33.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilAdd and use parse_forwarder_address() to reduce code...
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilStyle cosmetics for the IPv6 code.
2009-04-17 Fabian KeilPetr Pisar's privoxy-3.0.12-ipv6-3.diff.
2009-03-02 Fabian KeilStreamline parse_http_request()'s prototype. As
2009-02-11 Fabian KeilReject request lines that end with neither HTTP/1.0...
2008-06-21 Fabian KeilSilence bogus compiler warning.
2008-05-04 Fabian KeilProvide parse_http_url() with a third parameter to...
2008-05-04 Fabian KeilStreamline parse_http_url()'s prototype.
2008-05-04 Fabian KeilIf the method isn't CONNECT, reject URLs without protocol.
2008-05-02 Fabian KeilIn parse_http_url(), don't muck around with values
2008-04-23 Fabian KeilFree with freez().
2008-04-22 Fabian KeilIn parse_http_request(), remove a pointless
2008-04-18 Fabian KeilMark simplematch()'s parameters as immutable.
2008-04-17 Fabian KeilMove simplematch() into urlmatch.c as it's only
2008-04-14 Fabian KeilRemove now-pointless cast in create_url_spec().
2008-04-14 Fabian KeilThe compiler might not notice it, but the buffer passed to
2008-04-13 Fabian KeilFactor URL pattern compilation out of create_url_spec().
2008-04-12 Fabian KeilRemove an obvious comment and improve another one.
2008-04-12 Fabian KeilFactor out duplicated code to compile host, path and...
2008-04-10 Fabian KeilDitch url_spec's path member now that it's no longer...
2008-04-10 Fabian KeilStop duplicating the plain text representation of the...
2008-04-10 Fabian KeilIn url_match(), check the right member for NULL when...
2008-04-08 Fabian KeilMake it harder to mistake url_match()'s
2008-04-08 Fabian KeilSave a bit of memory (and a few cpu cycles) by not...
2008-04-07 Fabian Keil- Use free_url_spec() more consistently.
2008-04-06 Fabian KeilOh well, rename the --enable-pcre-host-patterns option to
2008-04-06 Fabian KeilUse PCRE syntax in host patterns when configured
2008-04-05 Fabian KeilFactor compile_host_pattern() out of create_url_spec().
2008-03-30 Fabian KeilSZitify unknown_method().
2007-12-24 Fabian KeilBand-aid (and micro-optimization) that makes it less...
2007-09-02 Fabian KeilMove match_portlist() from filter.c to urlmatch.c.
2007-09-02 Fabian Keil- Allow port lists in url patterns.
2007-07-30 Fabian KeilMove the method check into unknown_method()
2007-04-15 Fabian KeilIntroduce tags as alternative way to specify which
2007-02-13 Fabian KeilRemove redundant log message.
2007-01-28 Fabian KeilAccept WebDAV methods for subversion
2007-01-06 Fabian KeilFix gcc43 warnings. Mark *csp as immutable
2006-12-06 Fabian Keilparse_http_url() now handles intercepted
2006-07-18 David SchmidtReorganizing the repository: swapping out what was...
2002-06-04 jongfosterMoving sources to /src
2002-05-12 jongfoster- Removing some unused code
2002-04-04 Gabor Liptakalways use pcre for matching
2002-04-03 jongfosterFixing memory leak on error
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-24 swaname change related issues
2002-03-13 jongfosterKilling warnings
2002-03-07 oesFixed compiler warnings
2002-03-03 oesFixed CLF logging: Added ocmd member for client's reque...
2002-01-21 jongfosterCorrecting comment style
2002-01-17 jongfosterMoving all our URL and URL pattern parsing code to...