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2002-09-05 oesSynced with stable branch
2002-09-05 oesSynced with stable branch:
2002-09-05 oesSynced with stable branch:
2002-09-05 oesSynced with stable branch:
2002-09-05 oesSynced with stable branch:
2002-09-05 oesSynced with stable branch
2002-08-24 hal9Fix typo 'failiure'.
2002-05-23 oesCouldn't stand a part of Privoxy being labeled as degin...
2002-05-23 oesAdded some help links
2002-05-23 oesNit
2002-05-21 oesAdded more help links
2002-05-21 oesAdded button style and jumptarget "cancel" link
2002-05-21 oesAdded button style and jumptargets to "add" and "cancel...
2002-05-21 oesAdded client-side JavaScript versions of edit and add...
2002-05-21 oes - Added client-side JavaScript versions of edit and...
2002-05-21 oes - Added client-side JavaScript versions of edit and...
2002-05-21 oesFixed JavaScript error
2002-05-21 oes - Added jump target and button style to "cancel" link
2002-05-19 jongfosterAdding to fix this bug:
2002-05-14 oesRenamed helplink export to actions-help-prefix
2002-05-14 oes - Renamed prevent-(setting/reading)-cookies to
2002-05-12 jongfosterAdding standard comment header with license and CVS...
2002-05-12 jongfosterRestoring CVS log information accidentally removed in
2002-05-12 jongfosterApplying [Patch 552094] New templates for edit-actions...
2002-05-03 jongfosterSupport for templates for "standard actions" buttons.
2002-05-03 jongfosterFixing link target in all URLs section
2002-04-29 oesFixed AF feedback link
2002-04-28 jongfosterIt looks like this file got filtered through +kill...
2002-04-28 swabookmark texts
2002-04-26 jongfosterRemoving the alternating colors because they've been...
2002-04-26 jongfosterCosmetic change: Making the +filter UI look the same as
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing all(?) the substitutions that were broken in the
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing typos in help hyperlinks
2002-04-26 oesCentral "button" link style in cgi-style.css
2002-04-26 oes - Central "button" link style in cgi-style.css
2002-04-26 oesActions renamed, alphabetically sorted, comments fixed...
2002-04-24 oes - List all AFs, with edit buttons
2002-04-24 oes - Show name of actions file being edited
2002-04-24 oesAdded transparent table for positioning things
2002-04-24 oesChanged shortcuts, Cosmetics
2002-04-24 oesCosmetics
2002-04-18 jongfosterAdded code to detect "conventional" action files, that...
2002-04-17 jongfosterAdding #linenumber to the URLs which affect blocks...
2002-04-17 oesArgs! Restoring CVS history
2002-04-17 oesAdapted to style change
2002-04-17 oesFixed link embedding, Bookmarklet, indentation etc
2002-04-14 swaChanged description. I hope that Joe
2002-04-10 oesUpdated to new Bookmarklet
2002-04-10 oesMade templates modular
2002-04-09 oesclass name change
2002-04-09 oesTry Arial first for NS4/Win
2002-04-08 jongfosterPrettifying visited links.
2002-04-08 oesCosmetic: make status in title lowercase
2002-04-08 oesFirst attempt at a unified style
2002-04-08 oesInline a style exception
2002-04-05 oesAuto-Adjust to window size, Correct HTML, external...
2002-04-05 oesCorrect HTML, external Stylesheets, eye candy, some...
2002-04-05 oesRevoving obsolete file
2002-04-02 oesSmaller, nicer, loading info screens into new window
2002-04-01 oesMade link to actionsfile feedback a pop-up
2002-03-31 oesAdded link for actionsfile feedback, directed questions...
2002-03-26 jongfosterRemoving duplicate @ifs on the toggle page
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-24 oesDeleting obsolete text
2002-03-24 jongfosterRemoving logo option
2002-03-24 jongfosterName changes
2002-03-24 swaname change related issues
2002-03-24 swaname change
2002-03-23 swarenamed every reference to the old name with foobar.
2002-03-16 oesAdded descriptions to the filters so users will know...
2002-03-16 jongfosterMoving 'alpha' warning to the end of the page
2002-03-16 jongfosterFirst version of modular filters support
2002-03-12 oesIntroduced modular filters
2002-03-08 jongfosterAdding +image-blocker{pattern} option to edit interface
2002-03-08 oesAdded FEATURE_NO_GIFS
2002-03-05 jongfosterPatch to always edit the current actions file.
2002-03-03 swapoint users to the right feedback forms,
2002-01-23 jongfosterWhere encoded and unencoded versions of a string existe...
2002-01-23 jongfosterReducing length of URLs
2002-01-17 jongfosterReplacing all references to the URL of the config interface
2002-01-17 jongfosterFixing quoting of special characters in URLs
2002-01-17 jongfosterAdding newline to end of file
2002-01-17 jongfosterAdding warning about https://
2002-01-17 jongfosterDOS->Unix line endings
2001-11-30 jongfosterNow reports on FEATURE_CGI_EDIT_ACTIONS
2001-11-22 jongfosterAdding action +no-cookies-keep
2001-11-13 jongfosterAdded support for the following actions:
2001-11-13 jongfosterNew version of actions file editor templates
2001-11-01 David SchmidtShow enablement/disablement status in almost all templates.
2001-10-25 jongfoster- Now works with Netscape 6
2001-10-23 jongfosterCleaning up error handling in CGI functions - they...
2001-10-19 David SchmidtConditional administrator e-mail address... some templa...
2001-10-18 David SchmidtOnly show "Local support" on templates conditionally:
2001-10-14 jongfosterNew version of CGI-based actionsfile editor.
2001-10-14 jongfosterAdding support for a 404 error when an invalid CGI...
2001-10-02 oesIntroduced show-request cgi
2001-09-16 jongfosterFirst version of CGI-based edit interface. This is...
2001-09-12 David SchmidtMiniscule English edits on template HTML
2001-08-03 jongfosterSplitting version from config details
2001-08-01 jongfosterMoving file version information to a separate CGI page.