- Add favicon links.
[privoxy.git] / templates / edit-actions-for-url
2007-01-23 Fabian Keil- Add favicon links.
2006-12-21 Fabian KeilPrepare for "split-large-forms".
2006-10-04 Fabian KeilJavaScript fix for bug report #1570678.
2006-09-08 Fabian KeilHave hide-if-modified-since interpret the random
2006-09-05 Fabian KeilSorted alphabetically, fixed spelling mistakes
2006-08-14 Fabian KeilSplit filter-headers{} into filter-client-headers{}
2006-08-03 David SchmidtIncorporate Fabian Keil's patch work:\rfabiankeil.de...
2006-07-18 David SchmidtReorganizing the repository: swapping out what was...
2004-10-05 David SchmidtTypo: inspect_jpegs, not inspect-jpegs in form v_3_1_archive_branchpoint
2004-10-05 David SchmidtAdd the ability to check jpeg images for invalid
2003-09-22 David SchmidtEnable sending a custom 'blocked' image. Shows up as
2002-09-05 oesSynced with stable branch:
2002-05-21 oesFixed JavaScript error
2002-05-14 oes - Renamed prevent-(setting/reading)-cookies to
2002-04-26 jongfosterRemoving the alternating colors because they've been...
2002-04-26 jongfosterCosmetic change: Making the +filter UI look the same as
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing all(?) the substitutions that were broken in the
2002-04-26 jongfosterFixing typos in help hyperlinks
2002-04-26 oesActions renamed, alphabetically sorted, comments fixed...
2002-04-10 oesMade templates modular
2002-04-08 oesInline a style exception
2002-04-05 oesCorrect HTML, external Stylesheets, eye candy, some...
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-24 jongfosterRemoving logo option
2002-03-24 jongfosterName changes
2002-03-24 swaname change
2002-03-23 swarenamed every reference to the old name with foobar.
2002-03-16 jongfosterMoving 'alpha' warning to the end of the page
2002-03-16 jongfosterFirst version of modular filters support
2002-03-12 oesIntroduced modular filters
2002-03-08 jongfosterAdding +image-blocker{pattern} option to edit interface
2002-03-03 swapoint users to the right feedback forms,
2002-01-23 jongfosterReducing length of URLs
2002-01-17 jongfosterReplacing all references to the URL of the config interface
2002-01-17 jongfosterDOS->Unix line endings
2001-11-22 jongfosterAdding action +no-cookies-keep
2001-11-13 jongfosterAdded support for the following actions:
2001-11-13 jongfosterNew version of actions file editor templates
2001-10-25 jongfoster- Now works with Netscape 6
2001-10-23 jongfosterCleaning up error handling in CGI functions - they...
2001-10-14 jongfosterNew version of CGI-based actionsfile editor.