Introduced modular filters
[privoxy.git] / project.h
2002-03-12 oesIntroduced modular filters
2002-03-09 jongfoster- Making various functions return int rather than size_t.
2002-03-07 oesFixed compiler warnings
2002-03-05 oesDeleted non-errlog debugging code
2002-03-04 oesChanged default port to 8118
2002-03-04 oesDeleted PID_FILE_NAME
2002-03-03 oesFixed CLF logging: Added ocmd member for client's reque...
2002-02-20 jongfosterParsing functions now handle out-of-memory gracefully...
2002-01-17 jongfosterNow #defining the URLs of the config interface
2002-01-09 oesAdded HOSTENT_BUFFER_SIZE
2001-12-30 steudten- Add signal handling (unix)
2001-11-22 jongfosterMaking action_spec->flags into an unsigned long rather...
2001-11-05 steudtenInclude DBG() macro.
2001-10-28 jongfosterAdding ijb_toupper()
2001-10-26 oesMoved ijb_isspace and ijb_tolower to project.h
2001-10-25 David SchmidtAdding a (void*) cast to freez() because Visual Age...
2001-10-23 jongfosterNew error-handling support: jb_err type and JB_ERR_xxx...
2001-10-14 jongfosterRemoving name_length field from struct cgi_dispatcher...
2001-10-10 oesAdded LIMIT_CONNECT action and string
2001-10-07 oesAdded status member to struct http_request
2001-10-07 oesAdded url member to struct http_request and commented all
2001-09-20 steudtenMake freez() more secure in case of: if (exp) { free...
2001-09-16 jongfosterFixing warning
2001-09-16 jongfosterRewrite of list library. Now has seperate header and...
2001-09-13 jongfosterSupport for both static and dynamically generated CGI...
2001-09-13 jongfosterDefining FORWARD_SPEC_INITIALIZER
2001-09-13 jongfosterChanging the string paramater to the header parsers...
2001-08-05 jongfosterModifiying "struct map" so that there are now separate...
2001-07-30 jongfosterTidying up #defines:
2001-07-29 jongfosterChanging #ifdef _FILENAME_H to FILENAME_H_INCLUDED...
2001-07-25 oesIntroduced http->user_agent
2001-07-18 oes- Added ACTION_STRING_DEANIMATE
2001-07-15 jongfosterRenaming #define STATIC to STATIC_PCRE
2001-07-13 oes - Reorganized regex header inclusion and #defines to
2001-06-29 oesIndentation, CRLF->LF, Tab-> Space
2001-06-29 oes- Improved comments
2001-06-09 jongfosterAdding definition of BUFFER_SIZE.
2001-06-07 jongfosterMerging ACL and forward files into config file.
2001-06-04 swafiles are now prefixed with either `confdir' or `logdir'.
2001-06-04 swaredirect did not work due to missing /
2001-06-03 oesadded struct map, added struct http_response, changed...
2001-06-01 jongfosterSupport for +image-blocker{}: added ACTION_IMAGE_BLOCKER
2001-06-01 jongfosterReplaced "list_share" with "list" - the tiny memory...
2001-06-01 oesAdded constants for anchoring selection bitmap
2001-05-31 jongfosterChanges for new actions file, replacing permissionsfile
2001-05-31 oes - Enhanced domain part globbing with infix and prefix...
2001-05-29 joergsHTTP_REDIRECT_TEMPLATE fixed.
2001-05-29 jongfosterUnified blocklist/imagelist/permissionslist.
2001-05-27 oes- re_process_buffer no longer writes the modified buffer
2001-05-26 jongfosterAutomatic reloading of config file.
2001-05-22 oes- Enabled filtering banners by size rather than URL
2001-05-20 jongfosterVersion 2.9.4 checkin.
2001-05-17 oes - Cleaned CRLF's from the sources and related files
2001-05-15 oes*** empty log message *** v_2_9_3