Add html man page to keep index.html from breaking (untested).
[privoxy.git] / privoxy-rh.spec
2002-05-25 hal9Add html man page to keep index.html from breaking...
2002-05-25 hal9Add doc/images directory.
2002-05-16 hal9Add new template file so CGI stuff works :)
2002-05-03 morcego*.spec: Version bump to 2.9.15
2002-04-26 morcegoChanging Vendor value to Privoxy.Org
2002-04-24 hal9New actions files changes.
2002-04-22 morcegouser and group now get removed on rh too.
2002-04-22, *.spec: Bumping release to 2 (2.9.14-2)
2002-04-22 morcego- Changes to fixate the uid and gid values as (both...
2002-04-17 hal9Add --disable-dynamic-pcre.
2002-04-11 oesVersion 2.9.14
2002-04-10 morcego- (privoxy-rh.spec only) Relisting template files on...
2002-04-09 hal9Remove 'make dok'.
2002-04-09 hal9- Add templates/cgi-style.css, faq.txt, p_web.css,...
2002-04-08 swafixed JB spelling
2002-03-27 Sarantis PaskalisInclude correct documentation file.
2002-03-27 Sarantis Paskalisbumped Hal's last commit 1 day to the future to make...
2002-03-27 hal9Fix up descrition.
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-26 morcegoAdding comment on the specfile to remember the packager...
2002-03-25 morcegoBumping Release tag.
2002-03-25 hal9Do it right way this time :/
2002-03-25 hal9Added faq to docs.
2002-03-24 morcegoJust removing some old commentaries.
2002-03-24 morcegoShould be working now. See %changelog for details
2002-03-24 morcegoTis broken.
2002-03-24 hal9Add autoheader, etc.
2002-03-24 hal9/etc/junkbuster is now /etc/privoxy. Fixed ';' typo.
2002-03-24 hal9Fix name problems with man page and logrotate. Also...
2002-03-24 swaname change related issues
2002-03-24 swaname change related issues.
2002-03-24 swaname change
2002-03-24 swaname change