sig_handler(): Split a long line in two
[privoxy.git] / privoxy-generic.init
2020-02-27 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-02-13 Fabian KeilUpgrade a bunch of links to the homepage to https://
2013-01-26 Fabian KeilAdd a LSB info block
2013-01-26 Fabian KeilCosmetic changes for the license header
2013-01-26 Fabian KeilRemove trailing white-space
2013-01-26 Fabian KeilRemove a useless SCCS marker
2009-05-16 Fabian KeilRemove CVS revision logs. TODO item #33.
2007-06-09 Fabian KeilAdd /usr/xpg4/bin to the PATH to make sure the POSIX
2006-10-14 Fabian KeilPrint warnings if the user tries to run Privoxy as...
2006-07-18 David SchmidtReorganizing the repository: swapping out what was...
2002-10-17 hal9Set paths to match the defaults for a root install...
2002-09-11 hal9Fix typo in variable. Now tested on Solaris and Linux...
2002-09-11 hal9Better handling of pidfile, and process owner.
2002-09-08 hal9-Rewrote script config section.
2002-09-06 hal9Creating a generic init script, meant to be used on...