Help clang understand that we aren't dereferencing
[privoxy.git] / parsers.c
2009-03-01 Fabian KeilHelp clang understand that we aren't dereferencing
2009-02-15 Fabian KeilDon't let hide-referrer{conditional-*}} pass
2008-12-04 Fabian KeilFix some cparser warnings.
2008-11-21 Fabian KeilIn case of CONNECT requests there's no point
2008-11-16 Fabian KeilTurn keep-alive support into a runtime feature
2008-11-04 Fabian KeilHTTP/1.1 responses without Connection
2008-10-12 Fabian KeilRemove obsolete warning about delayed delivery with...
2008-10-09 Fabian KeilFlush work-in-progress changes to keep outgoing connections
2008-09-21 Fabian KeilTreat unknown change-x-forwarded-for parameters as...
2008-09-21 Fabian KeilIf change-x-forwarded-for{add} is used and the client
2008-09-20 Fabian KeilRemove hide-forwarded-for-headers action which has
2008-09-19 Fabian KeilAdd change-x-forwarded-for{} action to block or add
2008-09-12 Fabian Keil- A few style fixes.
2008-09-04 Fabian KeilPrepare for critical sections on Windows by adding a
2008-08-30 Fabian KeilRemove FEATURE_COOKIE_JAR.
2008-05-30 Fabian KeilRemove questionable micro-optimizations
2008-05-26 Fabian Keils@Insufficent@Insufficient@
2008-05-21 Fabian KeilThe whole point of strclean() is to modify the
2008-05-21 Fabian KeilAs the wafer actions are gone, we can stop including...
2008-05-21 Fabian KeilDitch cast from (char **) to (char **).
2008-05-21 Fabian KeilStreamline sed()'s prototype and declare
2008-05-20 Fabian KeilFactor update_server_headers() out of sed(), ditch the
2008-05-19 Fabian KeilWrap memmove() calls in string_move()
2008-05-17 Fabian KeilNormalize linear header white space.
2008-05-16 Fabian KeilIf a header is split across multiple lines,
2008-05-10 Fabian KeilDon't provide get_header() with the whole client state
2008-05-03 Fabian KeilChange content_filters_enabled()'s parameter from
2008-04-17 Fabian KeilProvide get_http_time() with the buffer size so it...
2008-04-16 Fabian KeilDon't pass the whole csp structure to flush_socket()
2008-03-29 Fabian KeilRemove send-wafer and send-vanilla-wafer actions.
2008-03-28 Fabian KeilRemove inspect-jpegs action.
2008-01-05 Fabian KeilLet client_range() also handle Request-Range headers
2008-01-04 Fabian KeilImprove the warning messages that get logged if the...
2007-12-28 Fabian KeilIn server_content_type():
2007-12-28 Fabian KeilMinor server_content_disposition() changes:
2007-12-06 Fabian KeilGarbage-collect the code to add a X-Forwarded-For
2007-12-01 Fabian KeilFix a crash on mingw32 with some Last Modified times...
2007-11-02 Fabian KeilRemove a "can't happen" error block which, over
2007-10-19 Fabian Keil- Downgrade "Buffer limit reached" message to LOG_LEVEL...
2007-10-10 Fabian KeilI forgot about Poland.
2007-10-09 Fabian KeilRemove Range and If-Range headers if content filtering...
2007-10-04 Fabian KeilMove ACTION_VANILLA_WAFER handling from jcc's chat...
2007-09-29 Fabian Keil- Remove "scanning headers for" log message again.
2007-09-08 Fabian KeilRefactor client_referrer() and add conditional-forge...
2007-08-28 Fabian KeilA bunch of whitespace fixes, pointy hat to me.
2007-08-28 Fabian KeilFix possible memory corruption in server_http, make...
2007-08-18 Fabian KeilLet content-type-overwrite{} honour force-text-mode...
2007-08-11 Fabian Keil- Add prototpyes for the header parsers and make them...
2007-07-14 Fabian KeilMove the ACTION_FORCE_TEXT_MODE check out of
2007-06-01 Fabian KeilChange sed() to return a jb_err in preparation for...
2007-05-27 Fabian KeilAdjust "X-Filter: No" to disable dedicated header filters.
2007-05-14 Fabian KeilStreamline client_cookie_adder().
2007-04-30 Fabian KeilMake sure filters with dynamic jobs actually use them.
2007-04-30 Fabian Keil- Introduce dynamic pcrs jobs that can resolve variables.
2007-04-17 Fabian Keil- Make tagging based on tags set by earlier taggers
2007-04-15 Fabian KeilIntroduce tags as alternative way to specify which
2007-04-12 Fabian KeilLog a warning if the content is compressed, filtering is
2007-03-25 Fabian Keil- Fix warnings when compiled with glibc.
2007-03-21 Fabian Keil- Add better protection against malicious gzip headers.
2007-03-20 Fabian Keil- Use dedicated header filter actions instead of abusin...
2007-03-05 Fabian Keil- Cosmetical changes for LOG_LEVEL_RE_FILTER messages.
2007-02-24 Fabian KeilImprove cookie expiration date detection.
2007-02-08 Fabian KeilDon't run server_content_length() the first time
2007-02-07 Fabian KeilFix log messages regarding the cookie time format
2007-02-07 Fabian Keil- Let decompress_iob()
2007-01-31 Fabian KeilSearch for Max-Forwards headers case-insensitive,
2007-01-30 Fabian Keil- Let server_set_cookie() check the expiration date
2007-01-26 Fabian KeilStop filter_header() from unintentionally removing
2007-01-24 Fabian Keil- Repeat the request URL before logging any headers.
2007-01-12 Fabian KeilCorrect a cast, check inflateEnd() exit code
2007-01-01 Fabian KeilIntegrate a modified version of Wil Mahan's
2006-12-31 Fabian KeilSkip empty filter files in filter_header()
2006-12-29 Fabian KeilReverted parts of my last commit
2006-12-29 Fabian KeilFixed gcc43 conversion warnings.
2006-12-26 Fabian KeilBringing back the "useless" localtime() call
2006-12-07 Fabian KeilRebuild request URL in get_destination_from_headers()
2006-12-06 Fabian KeilAdded get_destination_from_headers().
2006-11-13 Fabian KeilMake pthread mutex locking more generic. Instead of
2006-10-02 Fabian KeilThe special header "X-Filter: No" now disables
2006-09-23 Roland RosenfeldReplace TABs by spaces in source code.
2006-09-23 Fabian KeilDon't print a log message every time filter_headers is
2006-09-21 Fabian KeilFix +hide-if-modified-since{-n}.
2006-09-08 Fabian KeilHave hide-if-modified-since interpret the random
2006-09-06 Fabian KeilAlways have parse_header_time return a pointer
2006-09-06 Fabian KeilAdded config option enable-remote-http-toggle
2006-09-04 Fabian KeilAfter filtering de-chunked instances, remove
2006-09-03 Fabian KeilUse gmtime_r if available, fallback to gmtime with...
2006-08-22 Fabian KeilChanged client_referrer to use the right type (size_t...
2006-08-17 Fabian Keil- Back to timegm() using GnuPG's replacement if necessary.
2006-08-14 David SchmidtOS/2 compilation compatibility fixups
2006-08-14 Fabian KeilChanged include from strptime.c to strptime.h
2006-08-14 Fabian KeilSplit filter-headers{} into filter-client-headers{}
2006-08-12 David SchmidtWindows service integration
2006-08-03 David SchmidtIncorporate Fabian Keil's patch work:\
2006-07-18 David SchmidtReorganizing the repository: swapping out what was...
2002-06-04 jongfosterMoving sources to /src
2002-05-12 jongfosterFixing typo in a comment
2002-05-08 oesOptimized add_to_iob:
2002-04-02 oesTiny code cosmetics
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!