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[privoxy.git] / openssl.c
2020-12-17 Fabian KeilGracefully handle existing website keys without matchin...
2020-12-11 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-12-06 Fabian KeilOpenSSL create_client_ssl_connection(): Remove unused...
2020-11-23 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-10-09 Fabian KeilAdd a cipher-list directive to specify the ciphers...
2020-10-09 Fabian KeilOpenSSL ssl_send_data(): Include the file descriptor...
2020-10-09 Fabian KeilOpenSSL ssl_recv_data(): Include the file descriptor...
2020-09-26 Fabian KeilOpenSSL: Use %y instead of %Y in VALID_DATETIME_FMT
2020-09-26 Fabian Keilssl_certificate_is_invalid(): If the validity check...
2020-09-26 Fabian Keilssl_release(): Fix build with LibreSSL
2020-09-22 Fabian Keilclose_server_ssl_connection(): Set SSL_RECEIVED_SHUTDOWN
2020-09-22 Fabian Keilclose_client_ssl_connection(): Set SSL_RECEIVED_SHUTDOWN
2020-09-22 Fabian Keilcreate_client_ssl_connection(): Fix whitespace
2020-09-17 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-09-11 Fabian Keilssl_store_cert(): Fix format specifiers in a log message
2020-09-02 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilcreate_server_ssl_connection(): Improve the error message
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilssl_store_cert(): Fix format specifier and typo in...
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilFix error messages in generate_webpage_certificate()
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilgenerate_key(): Check return code of BN_set_word()
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilssl_store_cert(): Fix two error messages
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilDon't claim that ssl_store_cert() is a callback
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilssl_store_cert(): Handle html_encode() failures
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilssl_send_data(): Prevent endless loop
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilcreate_server_ssl_connection(): Improve the error messa...
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilcreate_client_ssl_connection(): Improve the error messa...
2020-09-01 Fabian Keillog_ssl_errors(): Refer to TLS/SSL errors instead of...
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilExpand Source tag
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilssl_store_cert(): Fix typo in an error message
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilcreate_server_ssl_connection(): Mimic SSL_set1_host...
2020-09-01 Fabian Keilssl_store_cert(): Only use X509_get0_tbs_sigalg() on...
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilAdd defines for some more X509 functions
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilUse X509_set_notBefore() and X509_set_notAfter()
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilRemove 'const' from set_x509_ext()'s value parameter
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilAdd copyright header for Vaclav and me
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilFix a comment typo
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilFix a couple of 'Parameters' comment sections
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilStyle fixes for the OpenSSL-specific code
2020-09-01 Fabian KeilReplace a stray reference to mbedtls with OpenSSL
2020-09-01 Maxim AntonovAdd OpenSSL support