Support for both static and dynamically generated CGI pages.
[privoxy.git] / list.c
2001-08-07 oesFixed comment
2001-08-05 jongfosterModifiying "struct map" so that there are now separate...
2001-07-31 oeslist_to_text() now appends empty line at end
2001-06-29 oesIndentation, CRLF->LF, Tab-> Space
2001-06-29 oes- Added Convenience function enlist_unique_header(),
2001-06-03 oesfunctions for new struct map, extended enlist_unique
2001-06-01 jongfosterReplaced "list_share" with "list" - the tiny memory...
2001-05-31 jongfoster- Moved linked list support to new "list.c" file.