consistent description. new name for suse since
[privoxy.git] / junkbuster-rh.spec
2001-10-31 swaconsistent description. new name for suse since
2001-10-24 hal9To keep Thomas happy (aka correcting my mistakes)
2001-10-15 hal9Nits.
2001-10-14 hal9Added back in man page
2001-10-10 hal9Minor change for init script.
2001-09-24 hal9Minor changes.
2001-09-14 hal9%changelog
2001-09-13 swaman page is legacy. suse rpm now contains html
2001-09-10 swaintegrate three pieces of documentation. needs work.
2001-09-10 swacopy all templates. version updated.
2001-07-03 Sarantis Paskalisreplaced permissionsfile with actionsfile
2001-07-03 Sarantis Paskalisbumped up version number.
2001-06-12 swathe % in front of configure (see tag below) confused
2001-06-12 swafixes, because a clean build on rh6.1 was impossible.
2001-06-11 Sarantis Paskalisfix typo in %post
2001-06-11 Sarantis PaskalisFurther optimizations and adaptations in the spec file.
2001-06-09 swashamelessly adapted RPM stuff from the newest rpm that
2001-06-08 swatype with status file. remove forward et. al from file...
2001-06-07 swacosmetics
2001-06-04 swafiles are now prefixed with either `confdir' or `logdir'.
2001-06-04 swa`make redhatr-dist' now works. Except for the paths