Increase socks5_connect()'s optimism
[privoxy.git] / gateway.c
2015-06-18 Fabian KeilIncrease socks5_connect()'s optimism
2012-12-07 Fabian KeilAdd support for Tor's optimistic-data SOCKS extension
2012-10-23 Fabian KeilMake mark_connection_closed() visible when compiling...
2012-10-21 Fabian KeilKeep track of how many request are sent through a serve...
2012-10-17 Fabian KeilFix grammar in an error message in remember_connection()
2012-10-17 Fabian KeilUse strdup_or_die() in remember_connection()
2012-10-17 Fabian KeilFix latency calculation for shared connections
2012-03-10 Fabian KeilIn case of SOCKS5 failures, do not explicitly log the...
2012-03-09 Fabian KeilFollow-up fixes for the previous white-space changes
2012-03-09 Fabian KeilFix white-space around parentheses
2012-02-29 Fabian KeilIn socks5_connect(), do not try to print a negative...
2011-12-24 Fabian KeilDo not expect a response from the SOCKS4/4A server...
2011-10-23 Fabian KeilStreamline socks5_connect() slightly
2011-10-23 Fabian KeilIn case of SOCKS5 failures, dump the socks response
2011-10-23 Fabian KeilIn socks5_connect(), require a complete socks response...
2011-10-16 Fabian KeilRemove a superfluos log message in forget_connection()
2011-09-18 Fabian KeilIn forwarded_connect(), fix a log message nobody should...
2011-09-06 Fabian KeilFix a log message in socks5_connect(), a failed write...
2011-09-04 Fabian KeilDitch trailing whitespace
2011-07-30 Fabian KeilSlightly restructure the error handling in socks5_conne...
2011-07-17 Fabian KeilFix a memory leak if the socks5 server is unreachable.
2011-04-19 Fabian KeilFix various spelling errors in the comments.
2011-03-27 Fabian KeilIn socks4_connect(), don't comment on connect_to()...
2011-02-19 Fabian KeilUse an enum for the SOCKS4 reply field values
2011-02-19 Fabian KeilRename then SOCKS4 defines from SOCKS_REQUEST_FOO to...
2011-02-19 Fabian KeilUse an enum for the SOCKS5 reply field
2011-02-14 Fabian KeilIn connection_destination_matches(), improve two log...
2011-01-09 Fabian KeilLet socks4_connect enforce the socket timeout for the...
2011-01-09 Fabian KeilLet socks5_connect enforce the socket timeout for the...
2010-04-23 Fabian KeilRename socket_is_still_usable() to socket_is_still_alive().
2009-10-03 Fabian KeilStreamline remember_connection()'s prototype.
2009-10-01 Fabian KeilAnd by 'latency' we don't mean the round trip time.
2009-09-22 Fabian KeilFix a log message in get_reusable_connection(). A blank...
2009-09-10 Fabian KeilAdd trailing dot in a log message in close_unusable_con...
2009-09-06 Fabian KeilDisable connection-sharing unless FEATURE_CONNECTION_SH...
2009-09-06 Fabian KeilIn get_reusable_connection(), also log when the timesta...
2009-08-19 Fabian KeilFix gcc45 warning.
2009-07-13 Fabian KeilTake the latency into account when evaluating whether...
2009-07-11 Fabian KeilSet the timestamp directly after receiving the response...
2009-07-05 Fabian KeilIf we decided not to keep the connection to the server...
2009-05-19 Fabian KeilFix clang warning: Value stored to 'err' is never read.
2009-05-16 Fabian KeilRemove CVS revision logs. TODO item #33.
2009-05-13 Fabian KeilRespect the server's keep-alive value if it's below...
2009-05-13 Fabian KeilThere's no reason for keep_alive_timeout to be signed.
2009-05-10 Fabian KeilReenable server-side-only keep-alive support, but only...
2009-05-10 Fabian KeilInitial keep-alive support for the client socket.
2009-02-13 Fabian KeilReword keep-alive support warning and only show
2008-12-24 Fabian KeilKeep a thread around to timeout alive connections
2008-12-13 Fabian KeilRemove duplicated debugging checks
2008-12-04 Fabian KeilFix some cparser warnings.
2008-11-22 Fabian KeilMove log message around to include the socket number.
2008-11-13 Fabian KeilMake keep_alive_timeout static.
2008-11-13 Fabian KeilAdd new config option: keep-alive-timeout.
2008-11-08 Fabian KeilUnify two debug messages.
2008-11-08 Fabian KeilFix duplicated debugging check.
2008-10-25 Fabian KeilRemove already out-commented line left over from debugging.
2008-10-24 Fabian Keil- Tone the "keep-alive support is experimental" warning
2008-10-23 Fabian KeilFix forget_connection() and mark_connection_unused(),
2008-10-18 Fabian Keil- Factor close_unusable_connections() out of
2008-10-17 Fabian KeilIn socket_is_still_usable(), use select()
2008-10-17 Fabian KeilAdd preliminary timeout support.
2008-10-16 Fabian KeilFix two gcc44 warnings.
2008-10-16 Fabian KeilFix compiler warning.
2008-10-16 Fabian Keil- Factor socket_is_still_usable() out of get_reusable_c...
2008-10-13 Fabian KeilIf a remembered connection is no longer usable and
2008-10-11 Fabian KeilAdd missing dots for two log messages.
2008-10-09 Fabian KeilFlush work-in-progress changes to keep outgoing connections
2008-09-27 Fabian KeilReturn only once in forwarded_connect().
2008-08-18 Fabian KeilFix typo in macro name.
2008-02-07 Fabian KeilIn socks5_connect:
2008-02-04 Fabian Keil- Fix a compiler warning.
2008-02-04 Fabian KeilRemember the cause of the SOCKS5 error for the CGI...
2008-02-03 Fabian KeilAdd SOCKS5 support. Patch #1862863 by Eric M. Hopper...
2007-07-28 Fabian KeilModified patch from Song Weijia (#1762559) to
2007-05-14 Fabian Keil- Use strlcpy() instead of strcpy().
2007-01-25 Fabian Keil- Save errors in socks4_connect() to csp->error_message.
2006-07-18 David SchmidtReorganizing the repository: swapping out what was...
2002-06-04 jongfosterMoving sources to /src
2002-05-12 jongfosterCorrecting function comments
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-24 swaname change related issues
2002-03-13 jongfosterKilling warnings
2002-03-09 jongfoster- Making various functions return int rather than size_t.
2002-03-08 jongfosterFixing int/size_t warnings
2002-03-07 oes - Improved handling of failed DNS lookups
2001-10-25 David SchmidtChange in porting tactics: OS/2's EMX porting layer...
2001-09-13 jongfosterFixing missing #include under Windows
2001-09-12 steudtenadd #include <string.h>
2001-09-10 oesAdded #include in.h
2001-07-29 jongfosterAdding missing #include project.h
2001-07-24 oesApplied BeOS support update by Eugenia
2001-06-09 jongfosterChanging BUFSIZ ==> BUFFER_SIZE
2001-06-07 jongfosterRemoving gateways[] list - no longer used.
2001-05-15 oes*** empty log message *** v_2_9_3