Support for both static and dynamically generated CGI pages.
[privoxy.git] / filters.c
2001-09-13 jongfosterMoving image data to cgi.c rather than cgi.h
2001-09-10 oesSilenced compiler warnings
2001-08-05 jongfosterModifiying "struct map" so that there are now separate...
2001-07-30 jongfosterTidying up #defines:
2001-07-26 oesMade browser detection a little less naive
2001-07-25 oesAdded workaround for Netscape bug that prevents display...
2001-07-23 oesFixed bug that caused document body to be dropped when...
2001-07-18 oes- Made gif_deanimate_response respect
2001-07-13 oes - Introduced gif_deanimate_response which shares the
2001-07-01 oesAdded comments and missing return statement in is_untru...
2001-06-29 oesIndentation, CRLF->LF, Tab-> Space
2001-06-29 oes- Cleaned up, renamed and reorderd functions
2001-06-09 jongfosterChanging BUFSIZ ==> BUFFER_SIZE
2001-06-07 jongfosterAllowing unanchored domain patterns to back off and...
2001-06-03 oesextracted-CGI relevant stuff
2001-06-01 oesAdded optional left-anchoring to domaincmp
2001-05-31 jongfosterPermissionsfile / actions file changes:
2001-05-31 oes - Enhanced domain part globbing with infix and prefix...
2001-05-29 oes"See why" link added to "blocked" page
2001-05-29 jongfosterUnified blocklist/imagelist/permissionslist.
2001-05-27 oes- re_process_buffer no longer writes the modified buffer
2001-05-26 jongfosterFilled in a function comment.
2001-05-26 jongfosterACL feature now provides more security by immediately...
2001-05-26 jongfosterAutomatic reloading of config file.
2001-05-25 jongfosterHard tabs->Spaces
2001-05-22 oes- Enabled filtering banners by size rather than URL
2001-05-20 jongfosterRemoving last hardcoded URLs.
2001-05-20 jongfosterVersion 2.9.4 checkin.
2001-05-15 oes*** empty log message *** v_2_9_3