Support for both static and dynamically generated CGI pages.
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2001-09-13 swacosmetics
2001-09-13 swamerged standards into developer manual
2001-09-12 swaadded "make dok" section to generate html pages from
2001-09-12 swacould not find docbook.dsl
2001-09-12 swawill be generated in the future
2001-09-12 swaignore generated files
2001-09-12 swasource files for junkbuster documentation
2001-09-12 swamoved old junkbuster docs to obsolete/
2001-09-10 jongfosterReplacing text version of coding standards with a HTML...
2001-09-10 jongfosterChanges discussed in my e-mail of 10/9/01 - mainly...
2001-09-10 swafirst proposal of a structure.
2001-09-10 swadoc and testing guidelines should be part of the develo...
2001-09-07 oesFixed example
2001-09-06 oesFormatting, copyright
2001-08-18 oesWrote a manpage, finally
2001-07-13 iwanttokeepanonChanged the standards to use uppercase instead of under...
2001-07-02 iwanttokeepanonA modified STANDARDS.txt file. I removed my XEmacs...
2001-06-28 iwanttokeepanonTesting XEmacs and VC/CVS modes. Will this work? ...
2001-06-28 iwanttokeepanonA suggested standard for IJB. Outline-mode formatting...
2001-06-13 swadocs should have an author.
2001-06-13 swafirst import of project's documentation for the webserver.
2001-05-17 jongfosterCosmetic documentation update.
2001-05-15 oes*** empty log message *** v_2_9_3