Try Arial first for NS4/Win
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2002-04-09 oesTry Arial first for NS4/Win
2002-04-08 hal9Reset version (trying again, upload problems...)
2002-04-08 hal9Reset versions, etc.
2002-04-08 hal9Reset version, etc
2002-04-08 hal9Version reset, etc.
2002-04-08 hal9Version updated, etc.
2002-04-08 oesFirst attempt at a unified style
2002-04-08 oesEmpty the trashcan ;-)
2002-04-08 oesAdapt to unified stylesheet
2002-04-08 oes - Fixed problem with spaces in URLs
2002-04-08 oesReduce to be only an overlay for privoxy.css
2002-04-08 hal9Minor mod to doc section.
2002-04-08 hal9Testing.
2002-04-08 hal9Finished verion.
2002-04-08 swadidn't find stylesheetdoc/webserver/config/index.php
2002-04-08 David SchmidtInformation (info) is already plural; no need for ...
2002-04-08 oescosmetics again
2002-04-08 oesDisabling fast redirects. Will cause too much feedback...
2002-04-08 oesBumped up actions file number
2002-04-07 hal9Sync with source.
2002-04-07 oesOoops: fixing submit target url
2002-04-07 oesTracker submit via curl (no need for user to see),...
2002-04-07 oesRestoring CVS history
2002-04-07 oesDescand into framesets to harvest all image URLs
2002-04-07 swano need to index those dirs.
2002-04-07 swausers can now completely browse offline
2002-04-07 swagenerated files. do NOT edit.
2002-04-07 swagenerated
2002-04-06 swafirst version of the script that writes the
2002-04-06 swaprework: list of what needs to
2002-04-06 oesClean-up, smarter handling of unreachable URLs
2002-04-06 oesCosmetics
2002-04-04 oesReactivating the scripts ,-)
2002-04-04 oesKeeping feedback confidential
2002-04-03 jongfosterRenaming web server to (from
2002-04-03 swaname change
2002-04-03 swapreparing team page
2002-04-03 swaconsistent look
2002-04-03 swaconsistent look
2002-04-02 oesAdding temporary fix for missing curl support on SF...
2002-04-02 oesMade script location indepandant
2002-04-02 oesCosmetics
2002-04-02 oesElimnating duplicate images; using relative link for...
2002-04-02 oesUsing relative link for step2
2002-04-02 oesFollow redirects
2002-04-02 oesFixed bookmarklet
2002-04-01 oesNeeded for Feedback Scripts to work
2002-04-01 oesExtended, fixed bugs, beefed up design, made IE-safe
2002-03-30 swahave consistent look and feel. part 2.
2002-03-30 swahave consistent look and feel
2002-03-30 oesUpdated bookmarklet
2002-03-30 oesAdded Feedback mechanism for actions file
2002-03-29 swafurther testing for email and file operations
2002-03-29 swa.
2002-03-29 swaadded form
2002-03-29 swa2nd page
2002-03-29 swaconsistent web page look
2002-03-29 swafirst version of submit form
2002-03-28 hal9ijb ->, and jb/docs to privoxy/docs. Somebo...
2002-03-27 swanew stylesheet for docs. new stylesheet for web.
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-26 swahelp search engines
2002-03-26 swaadded man page
2002-03-25 jongfosterRenaming
2002-03-25 jongfosterUsing canonical hostname
2002-03-24 swaname change
2002-03-21 hal9css for html docs. A little color, please.
2002-03-03 swapoint users to the right feedback forms,
2001-10-26 swagive consistent intro. look pretty (ier) ;-).
2001-09-23 jongfosterSomehow I managed to lose the license and style informa...
2001-09-23 jongfosterAdding another link
2001-09-23 jongfosterAdding SourceForge logo as required by their ToS - see
2001-09-23 jongfosterReplacing with a page containing links to the other...
2001-09-23 swadefault page from sourceforge
2001-09-22 jongfosterDisplaying an error message whenever the config directo...
2001-09-22 jongfosterTelling robots not to touch /config/ - if there's a...
2001-09-22 jongfosterAdding proper license
2001-09-22 jongfosterAdding proper copyright notice
2001-09-12 swaadded "make dok" section to generate html pages from
2001-09-12 swawill be generated in the future
2001-09-10 swafirst proposal of a structure.
2001-09-10 swadoc and testing guidelines should be part of the develo...
2001-06-13 swadocs should have an author.
2001-06-13 swafirst import of project's documentation for the webserver.