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2002-04-09 swaJB name fixed
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2002-04-08 swa?
2002-04-08 swafixed JB spelling
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2002-04-07 hal9Documentation changes to reflect HTML docs now in CVS...
2002-04-07 hal9Touch up on name change.
2002-04-07 hal9Fix meta data.
2002-04-07 swausers can now completely browse offline
2002-04-07 swacreate some of the webserver docs
2002-04-07 swadocs get used also on the webserver
2002-04-06 hal9Someone was on there twice.
2002-04-06 hal9Move AL up the food chain.
2002-04-06 hal9Revert previous change (FAQ stuff)
2002-04-06 hal9-Add privoxy-man-page.sgml, for man page.
2002-04-04 hal9Added NT/W2K service/icon situation.
2002-04-04 hal9More on documenting the documents.
2002-04-04 swaconsistent look. reuse of copyright, history et. al.
2002-04-04 swamore single file to be included at multiple points...
2002-04-04 swacosmetics
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2002-04-04 hal9Structural changes to allow for conditional inclusion...
2002-04-04 David SchmidtAdd Mac OSX section
2002-04-04 hal9More boilerplate.
2002-04-03 swaenhance squid section due to user suggestion
2002-04-03 David SchmidtAdd OS/2 build section
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2002-04-03 hal9A few minor bug fixes, and touch ups. Ready for review.
2002-04-03 hal9Revert some changes, and then make some news, to layout...
2002-04-03 hal9Touch ups.
2002-04-03 hal9Implementing Andreas's suggestions for Release sections.
2002-04-02 hal9Major changes to doc structure and layout. Sections...
2002-04-02 hal9Minor change so Makefile can re-write and turn off...
2002-04-02 hal9More paring of boilerplate type stuff.
2002-04-02 hal9Touching up.
2002-04-02 hal9Fiddling...
2002-04-02 hal9More re-usable boilerplate
2002-04-01 hal9Define entities to include boilerplate text. See doc...
2002-04-01 hal9-Rework of supported Q/A.
2002-04-01 hal9Boilerplate text for multi-doc inclusion.
2002-04-01 hal9Boilerplate for multiple doc inclusion.
2002-03-31 hal9More on dealing with BLOCKED.
2002-03-31 hal9Fleshed out the doc section, and added something for...
2002-03-30 swawrong make flavour
2002-03-30 swapeople release differently. no good.
2002-03-30 hal9- Fix links.
2002-03-30 hal9Fix links.
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2002-03-29 hal9Several new Q/A's and other touch ups.
2002-03-29 hal9Minor update.
2002-03-27 swanew stylesheet for docs. new stylesheet for web.
2002-03-27 hal9Added more to Anatomy section.
2002-03-27 hal9ditto
2002-03-27 hal9Touch up on name change...
2002-03-27 hal9Touch ups for name change.
2002-03-27 hal9Touch up intro for new name.
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
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2002-03-25 hal9New section related to name change.
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2002-03-25 hal9Fix typo in link.
2002-03-24 hal9A few minor catch ups with name change.
2002-03-24 swaconfigure needs to be generated.
2002-03-24 swawe are too lazy to make a block-built
2002-03-24 swaname change related issue.
2002-03-24 swagenerated file.
2002-03-24 swamore additions.
2002-03-24 swaname change. changed filenames.
2002-03-24 swaname change
2002-03-23 swarenamed every reference to the old name with foobar.
2002-03-23 hal9Touch up.
2002-03-21 hal9Some touch ups.
2002-03-21 hal9New section in Appendix.
2002-03-21 hal9Fix.
2002-03-21 hal9Added support for CSS, set now to "../ijb.css" (temp).
2002-03-18 hal9More additions.
2002-03-18 hal9Some new additions.
2002-03-17 hal9A few more additions.
2002-03-17 hal9Correcting some of my typos, and some additions.
2002-03-17 hal9A little more added ...
2002-03-17 hal9Adding new stuff, and trying to incorporate stuff from...
2002-03-12 hal9Catching up to Andreas and re_filterfile changes.
2002-03-11 swatypo
2002-03-11 swanew section
2002-03-11 swacorrect feedback channels
2002-03-10 swamore info on not hiding ip address
2002-03-10 hal9Added section on JB internal pages in Appendix.
2002-03-09 swamore distros
2002-03-09 hal9New section on Jon's actions file editor, and move...
2002-03-09 swaadded default config section
2002-03-08 hal9Added imageblock{pattern}.
2002-03-07 swadirectories are generated.
2002-03-07 swalooks better
2002-03-07 hal9Fix a few markup problems for jade.
2002-03-07 swaprovide correct feedback channels
2002-03-07 oesCommitting changes by Stefan
2002-03-06 hal9Note on perceived filtering slowdown per FR.