-Add short section to Filter Files to tie in with +filter action.
[privoxy.git] / doc / source / user-manual.sgml
2002-04-27 hal9-Add short section to Filter Files to tie in with ...
2002-04-26 swabookmarks cleaned, changed structure of user manual...
2002-04-26 hal9-Add most of Andreas suggestions to Chain of Events...
2002-04-25 hal9More cleanup for recent changes, and otherwise. Fixed...
2002-04-25 hal9More catchups on new actions files, and new actions...
2002-04-24 hal9Add 'Chain of Events' section.
2002-04-23 hal9Linuxconf is deprecated on RH, substitute chkconfig.
2002-04-23 oesAdded hint for startup on Red Hat
2002-04-23 hal9Add AmigaOS install stuff.
2002-04-23 David SchmidtUpdated OSX installation section
2002-04-21 hal9Re-write actions section.
2002-04-18 hal9Fix ugly typo (mine).
2002-04-18 hal9Spell Redhat correctly (ie Red Hat). A few minor gramma...
2002-04-18 oesAdded RPM install detail
2002-04-18 oesCosmetics
2002-04-18 oesExtended Install section -- needs fixing by packagers
2002-04-18 oesMoved text to buildsource.sgml, renamed some filters...
2002-04-18 hal9Spellcheck, and minor touchups.
2002-04-17 oesProofreading part 2
2002-04-17 oesProofreading, part one
2002-04-16 hal9-Added 'Note to Upgraders' and re-ordered the 'Quicksta...
2002-04-12 David SchmidtRemove OS/2 building info... it is already in the devel...
2002-04-11 hal9Add small section on submitting actions.
2002-04-10 swagenerated
2002-04-10 hal9Added actions feedback to Bookmarklets section
2002-04-08 hal9Version update. Spell chkconfig correctly :)
2002-04-08 swa?
2002-04-06 hal9-Add privoxy-man-page.sgml, for man page.
2002-04-04 swaconsistent look. reuse of copyright, history et. al.
2002-04-04 swamore single file to be included at multiple points...
2002-04-04 hal9Structural changes to allow for conditional inclusion...
2002-04-03 swaenhance squid section due to user suggestion
2002-04-03 hal9A few minor bug fixes, and touch ups. Ready for review.
2002-04-01 hal9Define entities to include boilerplate text. See doc...
2002-03-30 hal9- Fix privoxy.org/config links.
2002-03-29 hal9Minor update.
2002-03-27 hal9Added more to Anatomy section.
2002-03-27 hal9Touch up intro for new name.
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-24 hal9A few minor catch ups with name change.
2002-03-24 swaconfigure needs to be generated.
2002-03-24 swawe are too lazy to make a block-built
2002-03-24 swaname change related issue.
2002-03-24 swaname change. changed filenames.
2002-03-24 swaname change
2002-03-23 swarenamed every reference to the old name with foobar.
2002-03-23 hal9Touch up.
2002-03-21 hal9New section in Appendix.
2002-03-12 hal9Catching up to Andreas and re_filterfile changes.
2002-03-11 swacorrect feedback channels
2002-03-10 hal9Added section on JB internal pages in Appendix.
2002-03-09 swamore distros
2002-03-09 hal9New section on Jon's actions file editor, and move...
2002-03-08 hal9Added imageblock{pattern}.
2002-03-07 swalooks better
2002-03-07 hal9Fix a few markup problems for jade.
2002-03-07 swaprovide correct feedback channels
2002-03-06 hal9Note on perceived filtering slowdown per FR.
2002-03-05 hal9Stupid I did it again. Double hyphen in comment breaks...
2002-03-05 hal9jade barfs on '--' embedded in comments. --user option...
2002-03-05 hal9Add new --user option.
2002-03-05 hal9Added section on command line options.
2002-03-04 oesChanged default port to 8118
2002-03-03 hal9Emphasis on where/how to report bugs, etc
2002-03-03 joergsAmigaOS changes, config is now loaded from PROGDIR...
2002-03-02 David SchmidtJust tweaking
2002-03-02 hal9Updated 'New Features' list. Ran through spell-checker.
2002-03-02 David SchmidtUpdate OS/2 build section
2002-02-24 jongfosterFormatting changes. Now changing the doctype to DocBoo...
2002-01-11 hal9Added a very short section on Templates
2002-01-09 hal9Fix bug re: auto-detect config file changes.
2002-01-09 hal9Touch ups for *.action files.
2001-12-02 hal9Fix typo.
2001-12-02 hal9Updates for recent changes.
2001-11-05 hal9Minor update for startup now daemon mode.
2001-10-31 hal9Correct 2 minor errors
2001-10-24 hal9*** empty log message ***
2001-10-24 hal9*** empty log message ***
2001-10-24 hal9*** empty log message ***
2001-10-24 hal9Catching up with Jon's recent work, and a few other...
2001-10-21 swawrong url in documentation
2001-10-14 hal9Various minor changes. Fleshed out SEE ALSO section.
2001-10-11 hal9Added in Andreas's new actions.
2001-10-10 hal9Very minor changes.
2001-09-28 hal9Ditto :/
2001-09-28 hal9Ditto.
2001-09-28 hal9Fixing my markup errors :(
2001-09-27 hal9A few changes. A short section on regular expression...
2001-09-25 hal9Some additions, and re-arranging.
2001-09-24 hal9Diddling.
2001-09-24 hal9Including David's OS/2 installation instructions.
2001-09-24 David SchmidtAdded info about where OS/2 puts its log file vs. Unix...
2001-09-24 hal9Draft. Unfinished.
2001-09-23 swaupload process established. run make webserver and
2001-09-13 swacosmetics
2001-09-12 swasource files for junkbuster documentation