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2020-03-12 Fabian KeilReplace obsolete CVS instructions with Git instructions
2020-03-12 Fabian KeilRemove a reference to CVS, we use Git now
2020-02-14 Fabian KeilDeveloper manual: Bump copyright
2020-02-14 Fabian KeilDeveloper manual: Document how ot access the git reposi...
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2018-12-21 Fabian KeilBump SMGL entities for 3.0.27 stable
2018-12-16 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-16 LeeInclude the man page in the `All documentation should...
2018-12-14 LeeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-12-14 Lee"Before the Release" requires more than just "Freeze"
2018-10-27 Leedeveloper doc nit: bumping the version number belongs...
2018-10-27 Leedeveloper doc nit: move the 'commit all changes' step up
2018-10-27 Leedeveloper doc: list the steps for creating the changelog
2018-08-10 Leerebuild docs
2018-08-10 Leeupdate the docs for the => privoxy...
2018-07-10 Leeremove all of the CVS "$Id: xxx" lines that GIT doesn...
2018-03-19 Leehave docbook generate valid html
2018-03-18 Leeuse the wayback machine for the docbook site that no...
2017-06-26 Fabian KeilUpdate reference to the 'show-version' page
2017-06-08 Fabian KeilAdd a small fuzzing section to the developer documentation
2017-01-23 Fabian KeilBump SMGL entities for 3.0.27 UNRELEASED
2016-08-26 Fabian KeilShorten update instructions
2016-08-26 Fabian KeilFix a typo
2016-08-26 Fabian KeilFix typo
2016-08-25 Leeadd a note about "entity p-version" and "entity p-statu...
2016-08-25 LeeAdd the filename to the "Update the code status" list...
2016-08-25 Leeremove obsolete info regarding X-Actions-File-Version
2016-08-25 LeeAdd a note about updating "for-privoxy-version=x.y.z"
2016-08-22 LeeAdd a note to update the code status before releasing...
2016-07-28 Fabian KeilBump SGML entities for 3.0.26 UNRELEASED
2016-07-26 Fabian Keildeveloper-manual.sgml: Properly close a section
2016-05-27 Fabian KeilBump sgml entities for 3.0.25 beta
2016-05-22 Fabian KeilMention the new mailing lists were appropriate
2016-05-03 Fabian KeilConvert a couple of URLs to https://
2016-04-09 Fabian KeilUpgrade a bunch of links to SourceForge to https://
2016-02-26 Fabian KeilBump SGML entities to 3.0.25 UNRELEASED
2016-02-02 Fabian KeilReplace pointless 'Test reports' section with a placeho...
2016-01-23 Fabian KeilRemove release instructions for AIX
2016-01-23 Fabian KeilUpdate the release instructions for FreeBSD
2016-01-23 Fabian KeilRemove unfinished release instructions for Amiga OS...
2016-01-22 Leebump copyright date
2016-01-22 LeeAdd a pointer to the Cygwin Time Machine for getting...
2016-01-21 Fabian KeilAdjust SGML entities to note that 3.0.24 is a 'stable...
2016-01-17 Fabian KeilBump p-version in SGML sources
2014-05-26 Fabian KeilBump entities for 3.0.22 UNRELEASED
2013-03-01 Fabian KeilBump entities for 3.0.21 stable
2013-03-01 Fabian KeilRemove references to the PDF documentation which no...
2013-03-01 Fabian KeilDrop sections that are already part of the user manual
2013-03-01 Fabian KeilDitch CVS log
2013-02-26 Fabian KeilBump entities for 3.0.21 UNRELEASED
2013-01-06 Fabian KeilSet entities to 3.0.20 beta
2012-06-19 Fabian KeilPrevent the CVS substitution in the generated example...
2012-05-27 Fabian KeilRemove a duplicated 'the'
2012-03-20 Fabian KeilWe use XXX not FIXME
2012-03-20 Fabian KeilRemove bogus section about long and short being prefera...
2012-03-20 Fabian KeilAdjust whitespace in examples to be closer to our style
2012-03-20 Fabian KeilIJB is dead, long live Privoxy
2012-03-20 Fabian KeilThe redhat-dok target no longer exists so there's no...
2012-03-20 Fabian KeilWe no longer build PDFs so stop pretending
2012-03-20 Fabian KeilComment out references to multiple branches
2012-03-20 Fabian KeilBump copyright date
2012-03-19 Fabian KeilUntabify
2012-03-18 Fabian KeilBump entities to 3.0.20 UNRELEASED
2012-03-18 Ian SilvesterBrought OS X section up to date, deprecating the osxset...
2011-12-26 Fabian KeilBump entities for 3.0.19
2011-11-13 Fabian KeilBump entities for 3.0.18 stable
2011-09-04 Fabian KeilDitch trailing whitespace
2011-08-17 Fabian KeilUpdate the entities.
2010-11-06 Fabian KeilSet p-version to 3.0.17
2010-02-13 Fabian KeilUpdate entities for 3.0.16 stable.
2009-11-15 Fabian KeilPrepare to generate docs for 3.0.16 UNRELEASED.
2009-10-10 Fabian KeilPrepare for 3.0.15 beta.
2009-07-18 Fabian KeilBump entities for 3.0.14 beta.
2009-06-12 Fabian KeilUpdate entities for 3.0.13 beta.
2009-05-16 Fabian KeilRemove CVS revision logs. TODO item #33.
2009-02-19 hal9Make some links in seealso conditional. Man page is...
2009-02-12 Fabian KeilDeclare the code stable.
2009-02-12 Fabian KeilUpdate templates.
2009-01-13 Fabian KeilThe standard.action file is gone.
2008-09-26 Fabian Keil- Break some more CVS substitutions in examples.
2008-08-30 Fabian KeilUpdate entities.
2008-08-16 Fabian KeilUpdate version-related entities.
2008-06-14 Fabian KeilPrepare for the upcoming 3.0.9 beta release.
2008-05-12 Fabian KeilClarify that Privoxy is licensed under GPL version 2.
2008-02-04 Fabian KeilChange "Edit Packages" URL to use https.
2008-02-03 hal9Apply patch from Mark: s/OSX/OS X/
2008-01-19 hal9Re-commit to fix various minor issues for new release.
2008-01-19 hal9Doc sources tagged for 3.0.8 release.
2008-01-17 hal9Change copyright notice for docs s/2007/2008/. All...
2007-10-30 Fabian Keil- Bump p-version, p-status and copyright date.
2006-11-14 hal9Dump all docs prior to 3.0.6 release. Various minor...
2006-09-26 hal9Fix broken link per bug tracker.
2006-09-22 hal9Final commit of probably various minor changes here...
2006-09-14 hal9Fix ijbswa cvs links. Update notes on release process...
2006-08-22 hal9Fix email address, cvs URI, address branching changes...
2006-07-18 David SchmidtReorganizing the repository: swapping out what was...
2002-12-11 hal9Rewrite cvs write access section.
2002-09-26 hal9Changes to reflect recent change in stable branch commi...
2002-09-26 hal9Conditionally exclude 'this doc is evolving' comment...