Consistently use 'client-specific tags' when referring to the new tag type
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2016-05-27 Fabian KeilConsistently use 'client-specific tags' when referring...
2016-05-27 Fabian KeilUpdate changelog.sgml for 3.0.25 beta
2016-05-27 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2016-05-03 Fabian KeilConvert a couple of URLs to https://
2016-01-22 Fabian KeilAdd CVEs for Privoxy 3.0.24
2016-01-21 Fabian KeilTwo trivial ChangeLog edits
2016-01-17 Fabian KeilImport ChangeLog
2015-03-29 Fabian KeilAdd CVEs for 3.0.23 stable
2015-01-26 Fabian KeilFix contributor name
2015-01-24 Fabian KeilImport changelog for Privoxy 3.0.23
2014-11-18 Fabian KeilNote that --disable-force is known to be broken
2014-11-14 Fabian KeilFix a ChangeLog entry
2014-11-14 Fabian KeilUpdate SGML ChangeLog
2013-03-10 Fabian KeilChangeLog cosmetics
2013-03-07 Fabian KeilGrammar fix for the enable-proxy-authentication-forward...
2013-03-07 Fabian KeilAdd ChangeLog entry for enable-proxy-authentication...
2013-03-03 Fabian KeilAdd the '/js/slider\.js' removal to the ChangeLog
2013-03-02 Fabian KeilSync with ChangeLog
2013-02-27 Fabian KeilAdd changes since 3.0.20 beta
2013-01-20 Fabian KeilUse a dedicated file for the SGML changelog to make...