Remove kill-popups action.
[privoxy.git] /
2008-03-27 Fabian KeilRemove kill-popups action.
2008-02-03 Fabian KeilRemove unused OSX_DARWIN macro. Reported by Mark Miller...
2008-01-26 Fabian KeilChange version to 3.0.9 UNRELEASED.
2008-01-20 Fabian KeilSet CODE_STATUS to stable.
2007-12-10 hal9Change versioning for > 3.0.7 && < 3.0.8
2007-11-15 hal9Setting to "beta" (for doc builds, etc).
2007-05-11 Fabian KeilCheck for strlcat().
2007-04-09 Fabian KeilCheck for snprintf().
2007-03-31 Fabian KeilAdd checks for gettimeofday() and strlcpy().
2007-01-20 Fabian KeilSuppress edit buttons for action files if Privoxy has
2007-01-18 Fabian KeilCheck for tzset() and putenv() to make sure the
2007-01-12 Fabian KeilTemporarily ignore external libpcrs to prevent
2007-01-07 joergsDisabled -pipe for AmigaOS4.
2007-01-01 Fabian KeilIntegrate a modified version of Wil Mahan's
2006-12-17 Fabian KeilAdded ./configure switch for FEATURE_GRACEFUL_TERMINATION.
2006-11-21 hal9Setting version to 3.0.7 UNRELEASED for lack of a bette...
2006-11-18 Fabian KeilMark as stable.
2006-11-14 hal9Setting version string to 3.0.6 UNRELEASED. This needs...
2006-11-13 Fabian KeilMake pthread mutex locking more generic. Instead of
2006-09-22 hal9Set version to 3.0.5 BETA for hopefully release this...
2006-08-17 Fabian KeilAdded check for timegm().
2006-08-13 Fabian KeilAdded checks for strptime() and random()
2006-07-18 David SchmidtReorganizing the repository: swapping out what was...
2003-09-25 David SchmidtResyncing HEAD with v_3_0_branch for two OSX fixes:
2003-03-23 hal9Apply Docbook/FreeBSD patch from a.go at
2002-12-28 David SchmidtInitial drop of dashboard instrumentation - enabled...
2002-12-13 hal9Add openbsd special flags per gunner at
2002-11-27 oesFixed broken handling of pre-set CFLAGS
2002-10-24 hal9Make install: Minor clean up for variable handling.
2002-10-24 hal9echo -n does not work with true /bin/sh. Use AC_MSG_CHE...
2002-09-27 hal9Minor change of "! test" to "test -ne" for Solaris.
2002-09-27 hal9Some general cleanup of the user/group stuff. Including...
2002-09-26 hal9This is most of Al's patch for --with-user and --with...
2002-09-07 hal9Remove some testing stuff inadvertantly left in.
2002-09-06 hal9Migrate PCRE_H_IN_SUBDIR from 3.0 branch for pcre/pcre...
2002-09-06 oesRemoved non-functional test for gcc support for -pthread
2002-09-05 oesSynced in some changes fromm the stable branch:
2002-09-04 oesResurrected acconfig.h and removed double quotes from...
2002-09-03 oesAdded workaround for very strange behaviour of AC_PROG_...
2002-06-05 hal9Move all doc build stuff to doc/source/GNUmakefile...
2002-06-04 jongfosterRemoving need for acconfig.h (apparently using acconfig...
2002-06-04 jongfosterUpdating for new paths:
2002-05-27 mal0rdMade doc-generation configuration automatic.
2002-05-25 jongfosterWahay!!! 3.0.x has branched!
2002-05-25 jongfosterDetect if the compiler supports -pthread. v_3_0_branchpoint
2002-05-03 oesGenerate doc/soucre/ldp.dsl
2002-05-03 oesSet version to 2.9.15 to comply with new versioning...
2002-04-25 morcegoRemoved RPM release number declaration on
2002-04-22, *.spec: Bumping release to 2 (2.9.14-2)
2002-04-11 oesApplied Moritz' fix for socklen_t on Solaris
2002-04-11 oesVersion 2.9.14
2002-04-10 morcego- (privoxy-rh.spec only) Relisting template files on...
2002-04-09 oesAdded detection of missing
2002-04-06 jongfosterRemoving unnessacery tests (C++, ranlib)
2002-04-04 swaattempt to consolidate the
2002-04-04 Gabor Liptakalways use pcre for matching
2002-04-03 Gabor LiptakRemoved references to gnu_regex
2002-04-03 Gabor LiptakChecking pcre version
2002-04-01 Gabor LiptakMore changes needed around regex support.
2002-03-29 swaal's patch
2002-03-29 Gabor LiptakCorrecting compile problem with Debian
2002-03-28 swaset make correctly
2002-03-27 hal9Add test for man2html
2002-03-27 David SchmidtMore Mac OSX support:
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-26 hal9Upped RPM Release to 3 (need to build new RH packages)
2002-03-24 jongfosterMaking Docbook work under Windows
2002-03-24 swaset rpm package release in nowhere else.
2002-03-24 swaname change related issues
2002-03-24 swaname change related issues.
2002-03-22 jongfosterBumping version number to 2.9.12 v_2_9_12
2002-03-19 morcego- Fixing stylesheet checking on configure. If it is...
2002-03-09 oesFixing the (harmless) AC_CHECK_FILE warnings
2002-03-08 oesAdded --enable-no-gifs
2002-03-08 morcegoFixing configure, to remove a command not found error.
2002-03-08 oesTiny bugfix in AC_ARG_WITH(debug)
2002-03-06 morcegoWill not test for a text browser if we are not using...
2002-03-06 morcegoNew configure option: --with-docbook=(yes|no|directory)
2002-03-06 morcegoFixing detection of stylesheets on SuSe.
2002-03-05 morcegoSearch for docbook.dsl. Should solve portability proble...
2002-03-05 morcegoconfigure now detects rpm topdir, and change GNUmakefil...
2002-03-05 morcegoChecking for text browser, so redhat-dok can work.
2002-03-04 oesDeleted _DEBUG and PID_FILE_PATH
2002-02-28 oesFixed detection of gethost*_r functions on Solaris
2002-02-27 oesIncremented version number v_2_9_11
2002-01-10 oesAdded cross-compile defaults to the AC_CHECK_SIZEOF...
2002-01-09 oes- Added AC_CHECK_FUNC tests for the availability of
2002-01-04 oesChanged quoting of CODE_STATUS for use in make
2001-12-30 steudten- Add signal handling (unix)
2001-12-09 David SchmidtChange from "alpha" to "beta" in
2001-12-01 jongfosterRenaming to so that non...
2001-11-30 jongfosterBumping version number to 2.9.10
2001-10-23 jongfosterSupport for FEATURE_CGI_EDIT_ACTIONS
2001-10-07 oesRemoved FEATURE_DENY_GZIP
2001-09-13 steudtenPreWork for Debug Interface.
2001-09-12 David SchmidtMac OSX (Darwin) support added.
2001-09-12 joergsAmigaOS support added.
2001-09-12 David SchmidtOS/2 port: update autoconf'd support for the platform.
2001-07-30 jongfosterFixing Solaris build (I hope) and tidying up #defines:
2001-07-29 jongfosterMajor changes to build system in order to fix these...