Introduced modular filters
[privoxy.git] / actionlist.h
2002-03-12 oesIntroduced modular filters
2002-03-08 jongfosterAdding +image-blocker{pattern} option to edit interface
2001-11-22 jongfosterAdding action +no-cookies-keep
2001-10-10 oesFixed a bug, Added +limit-connect string action
2001-10-07 oesIntroduced a +no-compression action
2001-09-16 jongfosterFirst version of CGI-based edit interface. This is...
2001-07-18 oesChanged deanimate-gifs to string action
2001-07-13 oes - Formatting
2001-06-07 jongfosterAdded standard comment at top of file.
2001-06-01 jongfosterAdded +image-blocker{string}
2001-05-31 jongfosterNew file containing list of the actions to parse for.