Fixed minor memory leak.
[privoxy.git] /
2001-06-04 swafiles are now prefixed with either `confdir' or `logdir'.
2001-06-04 swa`make redhatr-dist' now works. Except for the paths
2001-06-03 swaswa for oes: reversed my earlier change
2001-06-03 swaswa for oes
2001-06-03 swacompile cgi.c (for andreas' GUI)
2001-05-31 jongfosterAdded files actions.[ch], actionlist.h, list.[ch] to...
2001-05-29 joergsChanges for AmigaOS added.
2001-05-17 oes - Added auto-generation of CRLFs for Win32 config...
2001-05-15 oes*** empty log message *** v_2_9_3