Really install FAQ this time, and not u-m in two locations. Include images
[privoxy.git] /
2002-10-11 hal9Really install FAQ this time, and not u-m in two locati...
2002-10-11 hal9This is more on make install/uninstall, and should...
2002-10-10 dessentFixes for Win32 GUI build (added "$(DIR_PRIVOXY_SRC...
2002-09-23 hal9This is higuita's make install/uninstall patch. Needs...
2002-09-11 oesFixed path (C_HDRS are in src/ now)
2002-09-06 hal9Fix clobber for config.h and are in src...
2002-09-06 hal9Adapt make webserver target to 3.0 for pdf uploading.
2002-09-05 hal9Migrate Karstens make snapshot stuff (not tested).
2002-09-05 oesSynced in some changes fromm the stable branch:
2002-07-30 hal9Add redhat-test target, and migrate the RPM_PACKAGEV...
2002-06-28 jongfosterFixing bugs compiling PCRE
2002-06-05 hal9Move all doc build stuff to doc/source/GNUmakefile...
2002-06-04 jongfosterUpdating for new paths:
2002-05-28 oesAdded comment for -notoc kludge
2002-05-28 hal9make dok-index target for privoxy-index.html. Fix ...
2002-05-27 mal0rdMade doc-generation configuration automatic.
2002-05-26 mal0rdAdded debian-dist and debian-upload targets. Also...
2002-05-25 hal9Add -notoc to README build (per oes's dsl magic).
2002-05-24 oesUse p_doc.css for the Homepage for consistency
2002-05-23 oesUse dsl without TOC for the homepage
2002-05-16 hal9make announce target added.
2002-05-15 oesTrying to keep Hal happy :)
2002-05-08 hal9Ooops, that trashed JB v2.0.2 comment. Fixed.
2002-05-08 hal9This fixes the numbering problem on index.html in conta...
2002-05-03 oesReplaced ldp(OK).dsl handling with generation via autoc...
2002-04-27 swano longer needed due to new
2002-04-27 morcego- Correcting typo in my name (Rodrigo, not Rodgrigo...
2002-04-27 swareplacing directory in document creation process
2002-04-27 swapdf process reviewed and cleaned up
2002-04-27 morcegoprivoxy-cl.spec now gets removed by clobber target
2002-04-27 morcegoAdding --exclude "PACKAGERS" to every tar command that...
2002-04-27 The tarball created on redhat-dist...
2002-04-26 swabe consistent
2002-04-26 swajust produce single html files to proces them later...
2002-04-25 morcegoRemoved RPM release number declaration on
2002-04-23 swanow create pdf documents
2002-04-15 hal9Missed two -pi.bak's on perl/cygwin problem.
2002-04-14 hal9Revert dok-webserver change for SF logo.
2002-04-13 hal9-Fix dok-webserver for SF logo (more perl).
2002-04-12 oesExcluding yet more files from tarball; making dist...
2002-04-11 oesExcluding more files from tarball build
2002-04-11 oesFixed typo -- Thanks, Moritz!
2002-04-11 oesFixed tarball-dist target
2002-04-11 oeswebserver target: silenced timestamp warnings resulting...
2002-04-09 Sarantis Paskalisfix tar options typo
2002-04-09 swabuild suse and gen-dist with html docs
2002-04-08 oesFix: Include dotfiles in fixing webserver permissions
2002-04-08 oesSilencing tar warnings in the web* targets
2002-04-08 hal9This has finishing touches for dok building. Should...
2002-04-08 oesoes for al: Fix install target
2002-04-08 oesAdded safety check to *-dist targets; fixed permissions...
2002-04-07 hal9-Add meta data kludge for make dok-webserver via $...
2002-04-07 swagenerated files. do NOT edit.
2002-04-07 swacreate some of the webserver docs
2002-04-07 swacreate some of the webserver docs
2002-04-07 hal9Add 'dok-release' target:
2002-04-06 jongfosterPrettifying groff2html.
2002-04-06 hal9-Add 'authors' and 'man' targets for AUTHORS and man...
2002-04-04 oesNo longer rely on find honoring -iname
2002-04-04 swacosmetics.
2002-04-04 swaattempt to consolidate the
2002-04-04 swareadme was leftover directory. use w3m instead
2002-04-04 oesTidy webserver upload w/o *~ files, CVS dirs and logfil...
2002-04-04 swawrong name for tarball-dist target. further fixed conte...
2002-04-04 hal9New dok targets for make readme.
2002-04-04 Gabor Liptakalways use pcre for matching
2002-04-03 Gabor LiptakRemoved references to gnu_regex
2002-04-03 swafreebsd tested to work. attempt to move tarball dist...
2002-04-03 oesStandard clean and clobber semantics II
2002-04-03 oesStandard clean and clobber semantics
2002-04-03 hal9Revert previous FAQ numbering kludge.
2002-04-02 oesAdded fix for webserver permissions
2002-04-02 hal9Rewrite ldpOK.dsl so that sections are NOT numbered...
2002-03-30 swacd didn't work. neither did find.
2002-03-30 swapeople release differently. no good.
2002-03-30 swabetter packaging. better rpm building.
2002-03-29 swaal's patch
2002-03-29 swafor lazy swa
2002-03-29 Gabor LiptakCorrecting for Solaris tar limitations
2002-03-29 swafixed make webserver. doh
2002-03-29 swaother users could not modify files on webserver
2002-03-28 swaset make correctly
2002-03-28 hal9More on man2html stuff.
2002-03-28 hal9More man2html stuff for docs.
2002-03-27 swahave a generic target
2002-03-27 swahave a consistent appearance
2002-03-27 swacan be used by mutilple targets
2002-03-27 swaadded solaris-dist
2002-03-27 swawe want a html man file on the webserver
2002-03-27 hal9Added man2html target for docs (redhat-dok only for...
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-26 swafixed make tarball, tarball-dist, tarball-clean
2002-03-25 swanew targets
2002-03-24 jongfosterName change
2002-03-24 swaconfigure needs to be generated.
2002-03-24 swagenerated files are a nono in cvs
2002-03-24 swadid not build.
2002-03-24 swaremove more crappy files. set RPM
2002-03-24 swaset rpm package release in nowhere else.
2002-03-24 swasuse-clean now runs fine