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2016-08-26 Fabian KeilRemove an URL in the ChangeLog
2016-08-26 Fabian KeilSlightly reformat and rephrase ChangeLog entries
2016-08-25 LeeAdd version 3.0.26 changes
2016-05-27 Fabian KeilAdd changes for 3.0.25 beta
2016-05-27 Fabian KeilBump copyright
2016-01-22 Fabian KeilAdd CVEs for Privoxy 3.0.24
2016-01-21 Fabian KeilTwo trivial ChangeLog edits
2016-01-17 Fabian KeilAdd ChangeLog for 3.0.24 stable
2016-01-17 Fabian KeilBump copyright year
2015-03-27 Fabian KeilAdd CVEs for Privoxy 3.0.23
2015-01-26 Fabian KeilFix contributor name
2015-01-24 Fabian KeilAdd CVEs for Privoxy 3.0.22 stable
2015-01-24 Fabian KeilAdd changes for 3.0.23 stable
2014-11-14 Fabian KeilFix a ChangeLog entry
2014-11-14 Fabian KeilChangeLog cosmetic
2014-11-14 Fabian KeilChangeLog cosmetic
2014-11-14 Fabian KeilUpdate ChangeLog to reflect recent changes
2014-11-03 Fabian KeilAdd changes for 3.0.22 stable
2013-03-10 Fabian KeilChangeLog cosmetics
2013-03-07 Fabian KeilGrammar fix for the enable-proxy-authentication-forward...
2013-03-07 Fabian KeilAdd ChangeLog entry for enable-proxy-authentication...
2013-03-03 Fabian KeilAdd the '/js/slider\.js' removal to the ChangeLog
2013-03-02 Fabian KeilUpdate changes for 3.0.21 stable
2013-02-27 Fabian KeilAdd changes since 3.0.20 beta
2013-02-05 Fabian KeilConsistently spell beta with small b
2013-02-05 Fabian KeilBump ChangeLog copyright
2013-01-18 Fabian KeilContinue the tradition of fixing spelling issues near...
2013-01-18 Fabian KeilProperly align the 3.0.19 header so the SGML converters...
2013-01-18 Fabian KeilReformat another entry that confused the SGML converter
2013-01-18 Fabian KeilRemove the URL to FreeBSD PR standards/173421
2013-01-18 Fabian KeilReformat two configure entries
2013-01-18 Fabian KeilMerge two GNUMakefile entries
2013-01-18 Fabian KeilMove the CGI interface improvements to other sections
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilUpdate the uagen section
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilSort the Privoxy-Log-Parser changes and add last-minute...
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilSort the Privoxy-Regression-Test changes
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilMinor changes for the code cleanups
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilReword some more entries
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilReword a couple of improvement descriptions
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilMove the bugs that affect all builds to the beginning...
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilShorten the description of the incorrect assertion...
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilReword the IPv6 compilation issue on Windows
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilDowngrade #3593603 to improvement and slightly reword...
2013-01-17 Fabian KeilClarify the #3525694 description
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilAdd a couple of periods
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilAdd a missing word
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilReformat a couple of two-line action file changes
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilMove a code change from the action file section to...
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilPromote default-server-timeout and socket-timeout not...
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilDowngrade a couple of improvements to code cleanups
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilPromote improved keep-alive support to improvement #1
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilClarify the entry about the handling of duplicated...
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilPromote incorrect handling of invalid ports to bug fix
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilPromote the page truncation issue to bug #1
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilReword the entry about MAX_AF_FILES being increased
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilRemove a pipelining limitation that no longer applies
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilReorder the 'Bug fixes' list by significance and shorten it
2013-01-12 Fabian KeilRemove trailing white-space and add a missing empty...
2013-01-11 Ian SilvesterFix one typo
2013-01-11 Ian SilvesterInitial commit of 3.0.20 changes
2011-12-26 Fabian KeilAdd changes for 3.0.19
2011-11-20 Fabian KeilLast minute ChangeLog changes that didn't make it into...
2011-11-20 Fabian KeilFix spelling
2011-11-20 Fabian KeilDocument the +fast-redirects{} HTTP response splitting fix
2011-11-19 Fabian KeilPromote a couple of general changes to bug fixes. Vario...
2011-11-14 Fabian KeilFormatting changes and minor fixes
2011-11-14 Fabian KeilFix an uagen change. The generated Firefox version...
2011-11-13 Fabian KeilFirst ChangeLog draft for 3.0.18
2011-10-22 Fabian KeilCorrect the description of the last-chunk-detection...
2011-04-19 Fabian KeilFix spelling errors in the documentation. Found with...
2010-11-13 Fabian KeilMention the recent documentation changes.
2010-11-13 Fabian KeilCosmetics.
2010-11-13 Fabian KeilMention that Privoxy would time the hanging connections...
2010-11-13 Fabian KeilAdd a line break.
2010-11-10 Fabian KeilSome formatting changes so doesn't...
2010-11-10 Fabian KeilAdd changes made in the last days.
2010-11-06 Fabian KeilAdd two sections to get Flickr's Ajax interface working...
2010-11-01 Fabian KeilPolish a few more change descriptions.
2010-11-01 Fabian KeilFix grammar.
2010-11-01 Fabian KeilClarify a documentation change.
2010-11-01 Fabian KeilPolish the action file changes a bit.
2010-11-01 Fabian KeilRemove a duplicate
2010-11-01 Fabian KeilFrom a user perspective the GNUmakefile improvements...
2010-11-01 Fabian KeilReduce indentation from 4 to 2 spaces for categorized...
2010-11-01 Fabian KeilImprove the wording of various change descriptions.
2010-10-31 Fabian KeilReformat an entry, so the dash isn't the first non...
2010-10-31 Fabian KeilFix indentation for Privoxy-Log-Parser improvements.
2010-10-27 Fabian KeilAdd changes in 3.0.17 stable.
2010-02-19 Fabian KeilEven more fixes.
2010-02-19 Fabian KeilAdd missing word.
2010-02-15 Fabian KeilMention the use of the no-such-domain template for...
2010-02-13 Fabian KeilPolish 3.0.16 changes.
2010-02-13 Fabian KeilAdd two recent changes.
2010-02-04 Fabian KeilAdd changes in 3.0.16 stable.
2010-01-29 Fabian KeilDitch trailing white space.
2009-10-10 Fabian KeilAdd note-worthy changes in 3.0.15 beta.
2009-07-18 Fabian KeilDon't claim that NTLM should work when there are multip...
2009-07-18 Fabian Keil- Move less interesting changes to the bottom.
2009-07-18 Fabian KeilAdd changes in 3.0.14 BETA.
2009-06-12 Fabian KeilChange code status to beta.