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2017-06-08 Fabian KeilRebuild AUTHORS
2017-02-20 Fabian KeilRebuild AUTHORS
2016-08-26 Fabian KeilRebuild text files for 3.0.26 stable
2016-05-22 Fabian KeilRebuild documentation
2016-02-26 Fabian KeilUpdate AUTHORS
2016-01-17 Fabian KeilUpdate AUTHORS
2015-01-24 Fabian KeilRegenerate docs for Privoxy 3.0.23 stable
2014-12-19 Fabian KeilRegenerate documentation
2014-11-14 Fabian KeilRebuild text docs
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2013-03-02 Fabian KeilRebuild docs with recent changes
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2013-01-10 Fabian KeilRebuild with utf-8 encoding
2011-12-26 Fabian KeilRebuild with the updated list of developers
2011-11-19 Fabian KeilUpdated contributor list
2010-02-15 Fabian KeilRebuilt for 3.0.16 stable.
2009-10-10 Fabian KeilRebuild with recent changes.
2009-06-12 Fabian KeilManually merge latest updates.
2009-02-21 Fabian KeilFix umlauts.
2009-02-21 hal9Text docs for 3.0.11 release.
2009-02-08 Fabian KeilDon't list the author of the snprintf() code as former
2009-02-08 Fabian KeilRebuild.
2008-08-15 Fabian KeilFix umlauts.
2008-08-14 hal9Rebuild for 3.0.10, and it surely needs to be fixed.
2008-06-30 Fabian KeilAdd Jochen Voss for reporting a stray
2008-06-19 Fabian KeilFix umlauts.
2008-06-19 hal9Rebuild for 3.0.9 beta.
2008-02-16 hal9Add Mark Miller to AUTHORS
2008-01-19 Fabian KeilWhat 1.45 and 1.47 said.
2008-01-19 hal9Re-commit to solve various last minute issues for chars...
2008-01-19 hal9Test commit for font issue.
2008-01-19 hal9We left Gerry off AUTHORS entirely! Sorry Gerry!!!
2007-12-08 Fabian KeilDo the single-byte umlauts dance once more.
2007-12-08 hal9Updated to 3.0.7 beta
2007-11-20 Fabian KeilUse single-byte umlauts which should have
2007-11-15 hal9Rebuilt for 3.0.7 beta release.
2007-11-13 hal9Proposed final versions of AUTHORS and privoxy man...
2007-08-26 Fabian KeilAdd Stephen Gildea's --pre-chroot-nslookup patch [...
2007-02-23 Fabian KeilList Peter Hyman (pete4abw) as contributor.
2007-01-30 Fabian Keil- Let server_set_cookie() check the expiration date
2007-01-28 Fabian KeilAccept WebDAV methods for subversion
2007-01-12 Fabian KeilMark *csp as immutable for is_untrusted_url()
2007-01-05 Fabian KeilDon't use strlen() to calculate the length of
2007-01-01 Fabian KeilIntegrate a modified version of Wil Mahan's
2006-12-22 Fabian KeilAdded contributor Daniel Griscom who suggested to give a
2006-12-09 Fabian KeilFix configure option --disable-toggle.
2006-11-23 Fabian KeilAdded Toby Lyward to the list of contributors
2006-11-14 hal9Re-generate in preparation for release.
2006-10-25 Fabian KeilAdded Darel Henman to the contributor section
2006-10-22 Fabian KeilModified wording for the contributor section
2006-10-14 Fabian KeilAdded Florian Effenberger to the contributor section
2006-10-12 Fabian KeilAdded Dean Gaudet, Derek Jennings, Raphael Moll,
2006-10-04 Fabian KeilAdded Frédéric Crozat (reported filter related problems).
2006-09-23 Fabian KeilMoved Ulrich Drepper into the based-on section,
2006-09-20 hal9Add Jindrich Makovicka.
2006-09-20 hal9Add Ian Cummings, oversight fixed in AUTHORS.
2006-09-19 hal9Yet another attempt to get the credits right.
2006-09-17 hal9Reviszed AUTHORS list for 3.0.4. Comments welcomed.
2006-09-10 hal9Spell check.
2006-08-25 hal9Proposed update for 3.0.4 release.
2006-07-18 David SchmidtReorganizing the repository: swapping out what was...
2003-03-25 hal9Update, regenerate and fix Adam Lock typo.
2002-11-30 hal9Add Andrew Lock.
2002-09-05 hal9Regenerated just to bring up to date.
2002-07-30 hal9Update for Georg.
2002-06-05 hal9Just catching up. Nothing significantly new.
2002-04-25 swagenerated
2002-04-06 hal9Move Al up to contributors section.
2002-03-30 hal9Added Gábor Lipták
2002-03-26 swawe have a new homepage!
2002-03-25 swa.
2002-03-24 swaname change
2002-03-05 David SchmidtFixing me... OS/2 and Mac OSX
2002-03-04 morcegoAdding myself to the contributors list :-)
2002-03-03 joergsMade jumbjuster work on AmigaOS again.
2001-12-02 swatypo
2001-11-16 jongfosterAdding Gabor Liptak, who reported a bug with the CygWin...
2001-11-13 jongfosterAcknowledging Al's FreeBSD patch
2001-10-15 jongfosterAdding testers. They're important too!
2001-10-14 hal9New file per Andreas's request...