I could not commit .action files.
[privoxy.git] / .gitignore
2001-12-02 swaI could not commit .action files.
2001-11-16 jongfosterAdding VC build directories to ignore list
2001-07-30 jongfosterIgnoring *.txt (probably config files), w32.res and...
2001-07-19 haroon- ignore vc_junkbuster.plg and w32.aps
2001-06-07 swaignore logfile
2001-06-05 jongfosterAdding VC++ temporary files, and Win32 config file.
2001-06-04 swafiles are now prefixed with either `confdir' or `logdir'.
2001-06-03 swadon't commit automatically generated files or binariess
2001-05-29 oesTrying to make sure that locally changed files
2001-05-15 oes*** empty log message ***