11. Contacting the Developers, Bug Reporting and Feature Requests

We value your feedback. In fact, we rely on it to improve Privoxy and its configuration. However, please note the following hints, so we can provide you with the best support:

11.1. Get Support

For casual users, our support forum at SourceForge is probably best suited: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=11118&atid=211118

All users are of course welcome to discuss their issues on the users mailing list, where the developers also hang around.

Please don't sent private support requests to individual Privoxy developers, either use the mailing lists or the support trackers.

Note that the Privoxy mailing lists are moderated. Posts from unsubscribed addresses have to be accepted manually by a moderator. This may cause a delay of several days and if you use a subject that doesn't clearly mention Privoxy or one of its features, your message may be accidentally discarded as spam.

If you aren't subscribed, you should therefore spend a few seconds to come up with a proper subject. Additionally you should make it clear that you want to get CC'd. Otherwise some responses will be directed to the mailing list only, and you won't see them.

11.2. Reporting Problems

"Problems" for our purposes, come in two forms:

11.2.1. Reporting Ads or Other Configuration Problems

Please send feedback on ads that slipped through, innocent images that were blocked, sites that don't work properly, and other configuration related problem of default.action file, to http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=11118&atid=460288, the Actions File Tracker.

New, improved default.action files may occasionally be made available based on your feedback. These will be announced on the ijbswa-announce list and available from our the files section of our project page.

11.2.2. Reporting Bugs

Please report all bugs through our bug tracker: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=11118&atid=111118.

Before doing so, please make sure that the bug has not already been submitted and observe the additional hints at the top of the submit form. If already submitted, please feel free to add any info to the original report that might help to solve the issue.

Please try to verify that it is a Privoxy bug, and not a browser or site bug or documented behaviour that just happens to be different than what you expected. If unsure, try toggling off Privoxy, and see if the problem persists.

If you are using your own custom configuration, please try the stock configs to see if the problem is configuration related. If you're having problems with a feature that is disabled by default, please ask around on the mailing list if others can reproduce the problem.

If you aren't using the latest Privoxy version, the bug may have been found and fixed in the meantime. We would appreciate if you could take the time to upgrade to the latest version (or even the latest CVS snapshot) and verify that your bug still exists.

Please be sure to provide the following information:

  • The exact Privoxy version you are using (if you got the source from CVS, please also provide the source code revisions as shown in http://config.privoxy.org/show-version).

  • The operating system and versions you run Privoxy on, (e.g. Windows XP SP2), if you are using a Unix flavor, sending the output of "uname -a" should do, in case of GNU/Linux, please also name the distribution.

  • The name, platform, and version of the browser you were using (e.g. Internet Explorer v5.5 for Mac).

  • The URL where the problem occurred, or some way for us to duplicate the problem (e.g. http://somesite.example.com/?somethingelse=123).

  • Whether your version of Privoxy is one supplied by the Privoxy developers via SourceForge, or if you got your copy somewhere else.

  • Whether you are using Privoxy in tandem with another proxy such as Tor. If so, please temporary disable the other proxy to see if the symptoms change.

  • Whether you are using a personal firewall product. If so, does Privoxy work without it?

  • Any other pertinent information to help identify the problem such as config or log file excerpts (yes, you should have log file entries for each action taken).

You don't have to tell us your actual name when filing a problem report, but please use a nickname so we can differentiate between your messages and the ones entered by other "anonymous" users that may respond to your request if they have the same problem or already found a solution.

Please also check the status of your request a few days after submitting it, as we may request additional information. If you use a SF id, you should automatically get a mail when someone responds to your request.

The appendix of the Privoxy User Manual also has helpful information on understanding actions, and action debugging.

11.3. Request New Features

You are welcome to submit ideas on new features or other proposals for improvement through our feature request tracker at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=361118&group_id=11118.

11.4. Other

For any other issues, feel free to use the mailing lists. Technically interested users and people who wish to contribute to the project are also welcome on the developers list! You can find an overview of all Privoxy-related mailing lists, including list archives, at: http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=11118.